Chowking Fans: You Can Now Get Chao Fan In a Huge Platter

IMAGE Facebook/Chowking

If you love delicious and affordable fried rice, then you probably know of Chowking's Chao Fan. It's not difficult to understand why this is such a popular item on the menu considering it's delicious, affordable, and filling, especially if you add siomai.

If one serving of Chowking Chao Fan isn't enough to satisfy your craving, you're in luck. Chowking now offers a family platter of Siomao Chao Fan, priced at P291 and is good for three to four people. This includes a tray of Chao Fan (fried rice) and a dozen pieces of pork siomai, which you can either have steamed or fried.

If you don't like pork siomai, Chowking is also offering Siomai Beef Chao Fan Family Platter, priced at P353 and is good for three to four people. This platter also includes the Chao Fan and 12 pieces of beef siomai which you can either have steamed or fried.


Chowking's Chao Fan Family Platters are available for take out and delivery via Chowking's website, GrabFood, and Foodpanda. If you're game to try a recipe hack at home, we have a recipe hack of the Chao Fan, too! 


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