Looking For Christmas Gifts? Check Out These Food Gifts Under P300!


Christmas is just around the corner! Even though it's going to be a little different this year because of the pandemic, that doesn't mean we can't uphold the tradition of giving gifts to our family and friends. So, if you're looking for delicious and affordable Christmas food gifts, we're making the search easier for you!

Check out these food gifts priced at P300 or less:

Photo by Wildflour To-Go

Pinipig and Cereal Polvoron from Wildflour

Price: P120/100 gram-jar and P230/200-gram jar

Does polvoron remind you of Christmas? If you want a delivery-friendly version of polvoron, you can order these bottles of crushed polvoron. It either comes with pinipig (a classic!) or crushed cornflakes.

How to order: You can place your order via Wildflour To-Go website.

Photo by The Project Blank
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Chicken Adobo Flakes from The Project Blank

Price: P270/200-gram jar. This is available in regular, mild spicy, and spicy (for an additional P15).

Everyone loves adobo, so you can't go wrong with this option! This bottled chicken adobo flakes is made with bits of white chicken meat, soy sauce, pepper, and chili. This is best used for your salad, sandwiches, and plain rice.

How to order: You can place an order via The Project Blank's website.

Alfajores from Good Shepherd

Price: P275/340-gram tub 

If you know someone who annually goes to Baguio to spend their Christmas there but will skip it this year because of the pandemic, you can give them a gift that will remind them of Baguio.

What better than Good Shepherd products, right? The most affordable -but nonetheless delicious-item on their list is the alfajores. This is a butter cookie filled with dulce de leche, then dusted with powdered sugar.


How to order: You can place your order by filling up this order form.

Sugar Cookies from Nono's

PriceP75/small piece, P95/medium piece, Mini Sugar Cookies P225/pack.

When it comes to sugar cookies that can double as something to display on your Noche Buena spread, you can always rely on Nono's! The cookies come in different sizes and feature different festive designs.

How to orderYou can place your order by calling any of their following branches: UP Town Center (0906) 246-2096, Three Central (0915) 799-5810, Festival Mall (0967) 416-8829, Nuvali (0905) 487-6764, The Podium (0956) 412-5799, Glorietta (0927) 028-8162, BGC (0915) 088-6736, and Ayala Bay Area (0917) 814-7004.

Photo by Helino's

Budbud from Helino's

Price: P170/half a dozen of plain budbud, P200/half a dozen tablea budbud, and P180/combo.

Know someone who loves suman? Budbud is a famous kakanin you can find in Cebu and Dumaguete. It is commonly paired with a rich tablea drink and slices of yellow mangoes on the side. Helino's offers two flavors which are the plain and the tablea.

How to orderYou can place your order by filling up this order form.

Photo by Instagram/Tarts.Tita

Ube Egg Tarts from Tarts Tita

Price: P250/half dozen of plain original egg tarts, P275/half dozen ube egg tarts, and P300/Ube Sampler (which includes macapuno and langka).

Made especially for ube fans, these egg tarts boast of a flaky crust, a creamy custard, and a layer of real ube halaya in the center. If you want to stick to the classics, Tarts Tita also offers a plain version-sans the ube halaya.

How to orderYou can place your order by messaging (0922) 851-8880 or 343-1488.

Photo by Crowne Plaza

White Winter Buttercream Cake from Crowne Plaza

Price: P199/3x3-inch cake 

The White Winter Buttercream Cake is composed of layers of cream cheese frosting and fluffy vanilla buttercream. It's topped with a holiday garnish in red and green!

How to order: You can place an order by calling 8633-7222 or send a Viber message to (0933) 823-6812.

Christmas Biscotti from The Helipad Manila

PriceP200/200-gram jar 

There's bound to be someone in your circle who loves drinking coffee! If you want to give them something to make their cup of joe more delicious, give them these crunchy biscotti from The Helipad Manila. 

How to order: You can place your order by messaging The Helipad Manila on Instagram.

Photo by Sariwon

Bottled Korean sauces from Sariwon

Price: P205/205-gram bottle

For the K-drama and K-food fans out there, you should give them these kimchi packs from Sariwon! They offer different kimchis and sauces like the regular kimchi, kakdugi (cubed radish kimchi), oi sobagi kimchi (stuffed cucumber kimchi), homemade ssamjang (soybean-based dip), and homemade woo sauce (sweet sauce dip).

How to order: You can order these bottled goodies from Sariwon's website.

Photo by Instagram/butterbabyph

Caramel Stroopwafels from Butter Baby PH

Price: P295/half a dozen

Another treat for the coffee-obsessed is these caramel stroopwafels from Butter Baby PH. These light crispy waffles have a soft, cinnamon and caramel filling in between. You can place this on top of your cup of hot coffee (or hot chocolate) and let it soften until the filling is ooey, gooey, and delicious.

How to order: You can send Butter Baby PH a message via Viber using the number (0935) 977-3374.

Photo by Facebook/Lola Nena's

Toasted Siopao from Lola Nena's

Price: P150/dozen

A savory treat perfect for merienda! Lola Nena's toasted siopao has a spicy and meaty filling, that's even made more filling with an added egg. 

How to orderYou can contact them through these numbers: 8295-4623, (0915) 795-2777, or (0918) 679-6000.



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