You Can Now Score This Yogurt-Flavored Soju At WalterMart!

No need to go to a Korean supermarket.

IMAGE Bea Faicol

It was definitely a game changer when this Chum Churum yogurt-flavored soju became available in the Philippines. While we first spotted this unique soju flavor in a Korean grocery, it's now easier to buy this bottle because it's now available in WalterMart!

This soju flavor comes in handy if you don't want to spend more money buying cultured milk to add to your glass of soju. You get the convenience of having its sweet flavor infused with the soju that you can drink it on its own. Get your glass, add some ice, pour the yogurt soju, and drink up!

For any soju-Yakult fan, you can pair this with Korean fried chicken while watching the latest Korean dramas online. You can also drink this during your next e-numan (online inuman) sesh with your friends! 

WalterMart is selling Chum Churum Yogurt Soju for P123 per bottle.

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