These Creamy Cupcakes Are Topped With Mini Cinnamon Rolls

The tiniest cinnamon rolls you'll ever see!

Cinnamon rolls have been a popular dessert in Manila these last few months in quarantine and even before that, they were known as a tried-and-true snack option for sugar lovers everywhere. We've seen some pretty cool versions of the pastriy like yema-topped rolls, ube rolls, and even giant cinnamon roll cakes. Our latest find shrinks the treat down in size, but packs all the same satisfying sweetness and creamy texture: Say hello to Cinnabakes' Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes!


These warm, toasty cinnamon cupcakes are frosted with tangy-sweet cream cheese buttercream; a classic combination that the cinnamon roll itself is famous for. But here's the best part: Each cupcake is topped with an itty-bitty cinnamon roll. That way, you can get a break from you usual cinnamon roll with a more cake-like dessert, but you still get that same fluffy cinnamon roll texture in the end. You may want to save the bite-sized roll for last! We won't judge if you secretly pretend like you're a giant while munching on the tiny treat.

And here's a pro tip if you're going to order soon: Cinnabakes' website says that you can actually request for an extra bag of mini cinnamon rolls for free when you order these irresistible cupcakes. You can get a box of six for P375!

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Here's a closer look at the Cinnamon Roll Cupcake:

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You can order Cinnabakes' Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes through their website.


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