Can You Guess The Secret Ingredient To Cinnabon’s Cinnamon Rolls?

Any guesses?

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Has it ever happened that you get an intense craving for cinnamon rolls whenever you get a whiff of Cinnabon's freshly baked, sweet cinnamon rolls? If you've ever tried recreating these popular cinnamon rolls at home, you may be missing one important and unexpected ingredient that makes Cinnabon's cinnamon rolls so ridiculously addicting.

Any guesses what the secret ingredient is? Besides the use of Makara, a trademarked version of the Korinjte cinnamon Cinnabon uses, the other ingredient not a lot of people expect from these pastries is the use of margarine

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Mental Floss says that Cinnabon makes the cinnamon rolls by stretching out the dough into a rectangular shape which they slather with a layer of margarine, and then sprinkle with one pound of brown sugar and cinnamon before they roll it up and bake it in the oven. According to the executives of the company, they say that margarine holds up much better when baked than traditional butter.

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And here's another nugget of information about Cinnabon you should know about so you don't feel any guilt the next time you impulsively buy a box of their cinnamon rolls: Cinnabon purposely builds their stores with the oven closest to the entrance. This scent of cinnamon and sugar baking serves as an open invitation to come right in and grab these sugary cinnamon rolls.



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