Missing The Taste Of Home? Where To Get Rellenong Bangus, Dinuguan, And Other Pinoy Favorites

You won't be spending over P160 per meal, too!

Missing The Taste Of Home? Where To Get Rellenong Bangus, Dinuguan, And Other Pinoy Favorites

Nothing is as heartwarming and comforting as Filipino food. Who doesn’t love a savory caldereta, a rich dinuguan, or an overloaded pancit? It’s simply hard to beat the taste of home; so much so that balikbayans immediately want to visit a classic Filipino restaurant straight from the airport.

Filipino food can be found everywhere, but if you want to get your money’s worth and experience flavorful, as-authentic-as-possible dishes, your best bet is to head to Goldilocks.

The beloved bakeshop doesn’t only offer cakes, pastries, and sweets; it also serves classic savory Filipino food at very affordable price points. Here are offerings from Goldilocks Foodshop, all under P160, that you shouldn’t miss on your next visit:

Beef Caldereta

Who says you have to celebrate a special occasion to enjoy caldereta? This classic stew, with Spanish roots and popularized in the Southern Tagalog region, can be had at Goldilocks for only P155 with a cup of rice (P145, a la carte). It features tender chunks of real beef stewed in thick tomato sauce together with garlic, onions, bell peppers, green peas, carrots, and potatoes. It’s an absolute feast for your taste buds.

Pork Dinuguan

Some may hesitate to order dinuguan because of its color, but Pinoys know better. Goldilocksdinuguan is rich, savory with a touch of sourness, and definitely devoid of any unwelcome aftertaste. For only P119 a la carte (P129, with rice), you can enjoy the perfectly balanced flavor profile and generous pieces of meat strewn in the stew. Don’t forget to have it with Goldilocks’ soft, buttery puto!


Enjoy one of Bicol’s best offerings to Filipino cuisine without having to travel to the region. Goldilockslaing is pure comfort in every spoonful, particularly when paired with a cup or two of steamed white rice. Traditionally, this dish is made up of dried taro leaves and stems slowly simmered in coconut milk and chilies. Goldilocks’ version, however, levels it up with the addition of sliced pork and shrimp. All that for only P75 a la carte!

Fresh Lumpia

It’s a challenge not to order fresh lumpia whenever you see one, agree? At P85 for a merienda meal, Goldilocks’ lumpia is a gift that keeps on giving: First, the smooth egg wrapper is almost too neat to poke into. But inside, you will find a medley of perfectly cooked vegetables—ubod, carrot, singkamas—tossed with pork strips and fresh lettuce. Remember to add a drizzle of sweet sauce and some ground peanuts for topping!


Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or stopping by for a quick snack, a plate of Goldilockssotanghon is always in order. This noodle dish, generously topped with sauteed meat slices and mixed vegetables, promises a taste of home. One look at the orange-tinted glass noodles and you will immediately start reminiscing about your childhood days. A side of puto completes the affordable P85 merienda.

Pork BBQ

Who didn’t enjoy pork barbecue sold on the streets while growing up? But that’s no match to Goldilocks’ version, which offers more meat pieces and promises a more balanced Pinoy-style barbecue flavor. You can have it on its own, paired with rice, or partnered with sotanghon. With its meatiness and heartiness, this pork barbecue is sulit na sulit for only P49 a la carte.

Rellenong Bangus

Going meatless on a Monday or abstaining from meat on Fridays? No worries, because you can still enjoy a filling, home-cooked dish sans the guilt. Goldilocksrellenong bangus doesn’t veer away from how it’s traditionally prepared—a whole milkfish is stuffed with ground bangus meat, carrots, potatoes, and raisins, then cooked to golden perfection. Have a slice for only P119 a la carte!

Next time you pass by Goldilocks, don't just stop for the cakes and sweets; stay for these savory meals and dishes that promise an unforgettable taste of home.

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This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Goldilocks.

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