Coca-Cola Releases Statement On The Shutdown Of Some Of Its Bottling Plants

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Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines Inc. (CCBPI) confirms some of its bottling plants have suspended operations because of the sugar shortage which is a crucial ingredient for the production of the beverages.

"CCBPI confirms that the supply shortage of Bottler's Grade sugar has affected the capability of some of our bottling plants to continue producing some products," according to the official statement released on Wednesday by the Philippine Daily Inquirer on its Facebook page

CCBPI says they are working with the government and the sugar industry to come up with a sustainable solution.


"We are doing everything we can to minimize supply disruption and the impact of supply shortage to our bottling operations. We are also continuing to work with the government and the broader sugar industry to arrive at a sustainable solution for the benefit of the small retailers who also rely on product's availability for their livelihoods.

"Meanwhile, we thank those who remain loyal to Coca-Cola products for being patient, as we prepare to once again serve our full line-up of beverages."

The official statement by CCBPI came after the viral spread of photos from certain Coca-Cola bottling plants, such as the one located in Davao, where they placed a suspension notice in front of its gate. The notice says, "This Coca-Cola plant has suspended operations due to lack of supply of bottler's grade sugar, as a result of the ongoing crisis."

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