Love Bold-Flavored Food? You Have To Try This Peruvian Restaurant!

Take your taste buds on a trip to Peru!

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Love trying out new flavors and cuisines? If you want to introduce yourself to Peru’s cuisine, head to Cocina Peruvia’s newly-opened branch at The Podium!


Cocina Peruvia's table spread looks appetizing!


You will find that the Peruvian dishes are quite similar to ours because of its Spanish origins. Traditionally, they are just a little bit spicier because of the Aji—the most popular chili spice in Peru, which is incorporated into a lot of their dishes. 



Pop the whole patacones (fried plantain bananas) in your mouth to taste all the flavors!


This warm bowl of Chupe De Pescado is perfect for the rainy weather.


For appetizers that are nothing but appetizing, go for their newly-launched Mixto Patacones (P350). They serve two kinds: one of which is topped with shrimp, avocado salsa, and sofrito sauce while the other variation is made with salmon, mayo mix, Parmesan cheese, and sofrito sauce. Pair it with a warm bowl of their Chupe De Pescado (P300) which is a creamy fish chowder with mussels, edamame, ricotta cheese, and cilantro oil. For a lighter appetizer, they have the Ceviche Mixto (P290) which is a mix of octopus, squid, shrimp, and mussels in aji rocoto and citrus juice.



Enjoy the garlicky taste of the Lomo Saltado, a hearty dish that requires loads of rice. 


The Adobo Peruvia is paler than our adobo, but it's just as packed with flavors!


For Cocina Peruvia's main dishes, beef-lovers will love the Lomo Saltado (P450)—this is marinated beef tenderloin, topped sautéed with garlic, onions, and tomatoes, served with fried potatoes and lomo sauce on the side. If you’re into pork, try their delicious Filipino-Peruvian dish called the Adobo Peruvia (P350), a slow-cooked pork belly in cream sauce, that’s topped with salsa creole.



Make sure to dip the Pollo A La Brasa in the aji panca and lomo sauce!


The Gamas Con Saltado is made with fresh seafood!


If you prefer chicken, there’s the Pollo A La Brasa (P380), roasted chicken that is marinated for 24 hours with the aji panca and lomo sauce. If you're hankering for seafood, their new Gambas Con Saltado (P450) is not something you shouldn't miss out on! This dish is made of marinated shrimp and bell pepper, sautéed in aji panca and oregano.



The Mixed Anticuchos is perfect for those who love char-grilled meats. 


If you can’t make up your mind, opt for their Mixto Anticuchos (P600) which has three different types of grilled skewers—beef heart, salmon belly, and chicken thigh, served with chimichurri and aji anticucho sauce on the side.


The vibrant colors and flavors coming from the Chifa Kale's greens and tomatoes makes the dish extra tasty.


Best to pair all those proteins up with Cocina Peruvia’s new rice dish—the chifa kale (P290)! This dish has rice sautéed with seafood, mixed greens and rocoto sauce, topped with salsa creole. They also have a "Peruvian chop suey". They recently introduced their Chopseuy De Peruano (P380), a bowl of mixed vegetables and chicken tossed in the tasty, savory lomo sauce. 



The Galera de Chocolate is playfully plated like a sailboat on a ceramic blue plate.


Don't forget to save some room for dessert. You won’t regret getting a bite (or two!) of their Instagram-worthy Galera de Chocolate (P350), which is a baked chocolate tart with dark chocolate ganache, topped with salty blue chips, and dried figs in rehydrated syrup. 



Visit Cocina Peruvia's new branch located at Level 5 of The Podium, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila.

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