8 Easy Cocktails You Can Make With Common Grocery Items

You don't have to be a mixologist to make these drinks.

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Missing your favorite cocktails? There's nothing wrong with serving your favorite liquor on its own or on the rocks, but you can also switch it up with easy and uncomplicated cocktails, even if you don't have bartending tools and skills.

Here are simple cocktail recipes that you can make using common grocery items:

Gin Tonic: Gin + Rite n' Lite cucumber

Gin Tonic: Gin and Rite n' Lite cucumber
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If you want to shortcut to the classic G&T with cucumber, you can use Rite n' Lite's cucumber-flavored soda instead of separately buying tonic water. To make this drink, all you have to do is to fill a glass with ice, pour your gin (preferably unflavored), and add Rite n' Lite cucumber. The usual ratio of gin and tonic is 2:4, but you can add more gin or add more of the cucumber soda depending on your preference. 

Soju Yakult: Soju + Yakult

Soju Yakult: Soju and Yakult
Photo by Boozy and Yakult
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Thanks to the popularity of K-drama and Korean food, we have been introduced to the magic of soju. This distilled spirit can be consumed as is, but you can also mix the soju with Yakult (or any sweet cultured milk) to give it a milky, sweet taste. To make this drink, you can pour the entire contents of one soju bottle in a pitcher and add two to three bottles of Yakult. 

Shandy: Beer + Sprite

Shandy: Beer and Sprite
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When it's irritatingly hot and humid, all you'll need is an ice-cold fizzy drink like a shandy. You can make this drink by pouring chilled beer (preferably light beer!) and add lime or lemon-flavored soda like Sprite. You can also make this by replacing Sprite with ginger ale, which is also a common item you can get in the supermarket.

Gin Pom: Gin + Tang Pomelo

Gin Pom: Gin and Tang Pomelo
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For those who have not tried this popular Pinoy cocktail, all you have to do is to mix gin, Tang's pomelo-flavored powdered juice, water, and then serve it in a glass filled with ice. The gin brand Pinoys associate with this drink is Ginebra San Miguel's gin bilog and gin kwatro kantos, which are both monikers based on the shape of the bottle: bilog for circle and kwatro kantos for the four edged bottle. 

Mimosa: Sparkling Wine + Orange Juice

Mimosa: Sparkling Wine and Orange Juice
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Feeling fancy? You can make a mimosa by mixing together equal parts of sparkling wine (preferably champagne) and orange juice. It's important that you both have these drinks chilled before making the cocktail!

Cuba Libre: Lemon or Lime + Rum + Coke

Cuba Libre: Lemon or Lime and Rum and Coke
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Cuba Libre is a drink from Cuba which has its origins rooted in the celebration of the country's independence during the Spanish-American War in the 20th century. You can make this by squeezing two lemon or lime wedges in a glass filled with ice, pour in the white or light rum, and then add Coca-Cola. 


Spritz: White Wine + Sprite

Spritz: White Wine and Sprite
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Spritz (also called Spritz Veneziano) is an Italian wine-based cocktail that is served before the main course. It's usually made of prosecco, Aperol, and soda water, but an easy hack you can do is to mix white wine and Sprite. According to Gail Sotelo of 2 Shots and a Pint, she recommends using Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc for this cocktail.


Boracay: Condensed Milk + Rum + Instant Coffee + Chocolate Malt Powder

Boracay: Condensed Milk and Rum and Instant Coffee and Chocolate Malt Powder
Photo by Small Basket, Alaska Milk Corporation, Nescafe, and Shopee

While sipping cocktails and basking in Boracay's stunning sunset show may be a far-fetched dream, you can still have a taste of Boracay at home or wherever you are. This drink that's known to be similar to Bailey's Irish Cream is made with rum, condensed milk, chocolate malt powder, and instant coffee.




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