A Roadside Coffee Stand In Pampanga Is Selling 100+ Cups A Day

Tenacity and the willingness to learn how to improve their coffee transformed Coffee Bros, a roadside coffee stand, into a profitable small quarantine business.

Brothers Johndoe and Kim Martin Gallegos and their cousin Bill Lawrence Estacio wanted to help Johndoe and Kim Martin's parents financially. With lots of spare time on their hands, the trio decided to start a small coffee business. 

They launched their little coffee business last December 2020 along Candaba Road in Pampanga against the backdrop of the province's lush rice fields. They began by selling instant coffee in their little coffee cart but soon realized that there was a great demand for freshly brewed coffee. With a little help and encouragement from their coffee-loving friends online, they purchased the coffee-brewing equipment and learned how to properly make a good cup of freshly brewed coffee from locally sourced coffee beaneries.

From a mere 3 cups on their first day, Coffee Bros now sell and serve over 100 cups a day. 


With as little as P900 starting capital and by learning how to make better coffee for their customers, Coffee Bros turned their small business idea into a rousing success.  


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