This Couple Now Earns Six Figures A Month, Thanks To A P500 Coffee Course

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If there's anything the pandemic has taught us, it's that we can learn almost anything online, lockdown or no lockdown.

In fact, attending classes can actually be your ticket to your next business venture. Take, for instance, the story of couple Ram Lopez, 26, and Cray Velasco, 30, who started a coffee biz thanks to an online course.

"Initial investment talaga [namin] is the time I decided kumuha ng digital course," Ram tells the OG team. "I read everything about coffee which cost me P500 lang."

The birth of Coffee Code

Like many entrepreneurs, Ram thought of setting up her own business after musing about life as an employee.

"Forever ba tayong employee?'" she wondered to herself. "Sabi ko, 'Why not we run a milk tea shop?'"

That's when Cray pointed out that it might be more practical to set up a coffee business as people drink the beverage more frequently than milk tea. Soon, they launched Coffee Code. Cray handled the design aspect while Ram focused on the products.


At first, Ram and Cray thought of attaching a cart to a motorcycle, but Ram realized she didn't want to drill holes into the vehicle. That's when Cray proposed coming up with a "coffee box", a wooden contraption that is placed on top of the motorcycle and opened up ala coffee-cart style.

Soon, people took notice of them and were fascinated with how they would prepare cold brew coffee pour-over style.

"Kaya yung mga tao, 'Wow, ang cute! Ang galing,'" Ram recalls. "Although medyo matagal siya gawin. Pero worth it kasi na-extract talaga yung coffee."

Six figures a month

Ram and Cray's initial investment was P6,000 to P7,000, which they spent on coffee beans, syrups, and the coffee box. On the first day that they opened their business, they already achieved ROI (return on investment). 

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From there, they invested additional capital and now operate two branches in Guiguinto, Bulacan: one in Tabang and another in Rocka. Today, they earn between P160,000 to P170,000 per month, depending on the season. At their local branch, they receive royalties which range from P10,000 to P15,000, and also earn at least P10,000 for each event booking.


Know your business

Just like any business owner, Ram and Cray had their share of naysayers.

"Most of them will tell you, 'Bakit kailangan mo pang sumabak sa ganyan? Mapapagod lang kayo. Puwede ka namang mag-timpla ng 3-in-1.' People will say that, pero at the end of the day, ikaw yung magsasabi sa sarili mo na, 'Hindi. Try natin.' Kasi the worst thing na puwede mong gawin ay yung hindi mo subukan."

"Yung pagbi-business, honestly, 'di siya gano'ng kadali," Cray adds. "Mag-invest ka ng knowledge mo. You can't start a business without knowing your business."

While there may be days when sales are low, Ram and Cray know they have to be strong, especially for their employees. And while the couple may have disagreements about the business, it's nothing that a relaxing cup of coffee isn't able to fix.

"Hindi ka puwedeng magsabi, 'Anong nangyari?'" Ram says. "Hindi araw-araw pasko, pero after the rain, merong rainbows."


With the success of their business, Ram and Cray are now offering Coffee Code for franchising. The packages, which cost P90,000 to P120,000, are already inclusive of what you see in their coffee store, from the coffee beans, flavorings, syrups, and sauces, to employee training. For inquiries, message them on Facebook. 

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