Pairing Coffee with Savory Dishes Can Be Done, says Starbucks PH

Coffee with dessert is easy but would you pair brews with savory plates?



In an intimate lunch hosted by Starbucks Philippines in Bonifacio Global City, small cups with tasting portions of coffee made with beans from the Starbucks roast spectrum came out of the busy bar. They were to be paired with each dish of the five-course meal—beautifully plated and prepared—by chef Booj Supe of Gourmet Garage. Guests were naturally curious. Coffee and dessert came naturally; how do you pair brews with savory plates?



According to Third Villaflor, Starbucks current coffee ambassador for the Philippines, coffee pairing with savory dishes isn’t an out-of-this-world idea. In fact, the nuances of coffee enhances the flavors of your fave fish, beef, or even chicken dish.


The key rule to decoding which coffee brew works best with your dish? It’s all about knowing your coffee’s flavor and how it will bring out the best in your savory dish.


Coffee from the Blonde Roast line were paired with seafood; the light citrus flavors and high acidity highlight the fresh flavors of seafood such as prawns, scallops, and salmon.

Almond crusted seabass topped over mushroom and cheese risotto: paired with a medium roast coffee


Medium roasts which have light herbal flavors work best with creamy dishes: a pour-over blend we sampled enhanced the creamy texture of a mushroom and cheese risotto. Meanwhile, dark roasts with bold and robust flavors, such as the espresso roast, will work best with dishes with caramel tones.

Would you try pairing coffee with your savory dishes?


Photos by Jason Clein Yu, Trixie Zabal-Mendoza, and from

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