Learn More About Coffee At The Newly-Opened UCC Coffee Academy

It's like going to the UCC Coffee Academy in Japan!

The UCC Coffee Academy is officially opening its doors in Bonifacio Global City, Manila on November 10, Saturday, so if you're a coffee fan, you might want to check it out. 

Conceptualized over a year ago together with Robert Francisco, managing and educational director of the school, the academy is the first school of the UCC coffee chain outside of Japan. It will hold classes not just for the coffee fans who seek to learn more about coffee but also those who plan to open their own coffee shop business. From learning how to appreciate a cup of coffee to learning the intricacies of how to make the best tasting cup of coffee, this is the place to learn all there is to know about coffee.

Coffee guru Robert Francisco is the managing and educational director of the newly opened UCC Coffee Academy, the first of its kind outside Japan.
Photo by courtesy of UCC Coffee Academy

The learning experience is going to be as if the academy never left Japan. Mr. Francisco explains that students who sign up for each course will experience how classes are held in Japan, so the teachings will be to the strict UCC Japan standards. He further explains, “Our classrooms are designed to promote an interactive class experience, where students will have an enriching exchange of knowledge with instructors and practice with the tools they need to master their craft.”

These siphon coffee makers are ready for the students to learn to use at the UCC Coffee Academy.
Photo by Roselle Miranda

This philosophy is reflected in the numerous sets of coffee making equipment in the classrooms. In each of the rooms, you’ll see the various gadgets, machines, and other coffee-making equipment necessary for each course, from the unique AeroPress coffee makers to the siphon coffee makers which serve to add drama to the experience of each coffee drinker served. There are enough of the equipment, too, to ensure that every student will have a turn to learn to use and practice on each. 


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The first class to be held on November 10, Saturday, is the "Fundamentals of Coffee" class. The class will teach students about the coffee bean and even how to identify and appreciate the certain aromas, such as bananas, tobacco, apricot, peach, and apple scents. It is similar to what one would do with wine, and the nuances involved in doing so are just as complex.

Students can expect to be taught to be coffee professionals. That's because the practices taught are used worldwide and the academy's coffee experts leading and doing the training of the students, all under the helm of Mr. Francisco, are professional baristas themselves from UCC Café. 

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For the more experienced, there are advanced coffee classes as well, including a class on how to use more unique coffee makers in the "Alternative Methods of Brewing" course and the Immediate and Advanced Barista Skills courses. 

Beyond all the jargon and learning how to use each machine, if you’re not interested in what makes good coffee and how to make it or already know all these, you can also just learn how to do latte art and there is a special class in perfecting only that skill in the Latte Art course scheduled for December 10.

Coffee Master EJ Dela Paz demonstrates the skill involved in creating latte art. He is a Latte Art Champion who recently won a Latte Throwdown in La Union.
Photo by courtesy of UCC Coffee Academy

The UCC Coffee Academy is ready for students, so if you’re a big coffee fan and want to expand your knowledge of the coffee bean or are looking to open a coffee shop, you need to sign up quick!  

UCC Coffee Academy is located at the 3rd Floor, Uptown Parade, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Visit facebook.com/UCCCoffeeAcademyPhilippines, ucccoffeeacademyph on Instagram, or email info.academy at ucc-coffee.com.ph to find out more about the coffee academy. 


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