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A lot of people started to organize their kitchen (and most rooms in their homes) this year, from the refrigerator to the cupboards and cabinets of canned and packaged food. It's a task made easier if you have the right tools and equipment to keep it tidy

Some of the most useful items one can have in the kitchen are jars. All shapes, sizes, and materials of jars can be the key to your BFF finally getting their kitchen in order. If they are on the fence about what to get for their kitchen or for someone who has been on an organizing frenzy these past few months, here are jars, containers, and canisters that will make their personal #pantrygoals come to life. 

Photo by Gourdo's official website

1 Bormioli Fido Jars

Price: P165 to P495  

Jars made for canning are not as reusable as you wish they were. The lids aren't meant to be reused. Get hinge-lidded jars that have air-tight seals that are super tight instead!

The most popular kind are these Fido jars by Bormiloli Rocco jars. The gaskets that make these jars hermetic or completely airtight can be replaced, so there's no worry about throwing out these jars when it is no longer as useful as it used to be.       

Do you have a friend who loves making homemade kimchi and other fermented and pickled food? Does your friend love using whole spices in their cooking? These jars are perfect for keeping these kinds of food as fresh as they need! Plus, these jars can be small enough to contain just 200 ml for that spicy crazy friend to containing as much as 4 liters for your kimchi and pickle-making friend. The best news is that the biggest of these jars costs under P500.  

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Bormiloli Fido Jars in 200 ml, 500 ml, 1500 ml, 3000 ml, and 4000 ml, (starting at P165 up to P495), Gourdo's

Photo by Lazada

2 Medium Transparent Plastic Canister with Label

Price: P75

These containers let anyone know what is inside at a glance. While a permanent marker can work, these have a more organized look to the canisters. If you have a friend who loves shopping for dry goods in bulk, these canisters will come in handy, so those big bags of food can be transferred into these handy containers and refilled as needed. 


Budget is no obstacle if you can give them canisters this affordable and this clearly labeled!

Medium (2 liter or 1-1.5 kg) plastic canister, P75, Lazada 

Photo by Shopee

3 Wholesale Labeled Plastic Canisters (White)

Price: P80/each and up 

What you and friends might love about labeled canisters is that it's all about seeing everything organized, but it's also about seeing that the jars and boxes are all uniform in look. These white canisters are a bulk buy nobody shouldn't pass up!


If you have a friend who loves uniformity or who just loves their kitchen in perfect order, these all-white canisters are the perfect addition to their kitchen. Each blank canister is just P80 each for a minimum of 11 pieces! You can have these customized, too, with labels in your choice of font, colors, and icons so it's a truly personalized set for your lucky friend. With just the text and no icon, the jar set starts at P1,045 for 11 pieces while the same number of canisters with both text and icons costs P1,210. 

11 to 15 pieces white canisters, starting P880, Shopee  

Photo by Shopee

4 Glass Spice Jar with Label

Price: P69  

If big jars aren't what your friend needs, these airtight spice jars might be what you're looking for to give to them. These jars have the hinge-lids and are perfect for organizing and storing whole spices, dried herbs, and spice mixes. The labels are also minimalist but chic enough to match the decor of most kitchens. 

Don't forget to fill these with their favorite kind of whole spices before wrapping them up. 

Herb spice condiment glass jars, P69, Shopee 

Photo by Shopee

5 Tall Glass Jar with Bamboo Lid

Price:  P189 and P200 

Not all jars are tall enough for a specific food. Spaghetti noodles are notorious for being too long to store in most jars. That's why these tall jars are perfect for that purpose. While spaghetti noodles are the ideal food for these, the jars should not be limited to just that! 

For the friend who not only loves spaghetti but adores kitchen items with a wood accent, these tall jars are just what you should give them. These should be able to hold any dried food that you need to store in your friend's organized cupboards and pantry. 

Glass food storage containers in medium and large, P189 and P199, Shopee 

Photo by Lazada

6 Square Glass Containers with Silver Lid and Label

Price: P130 to P200 

Glass jars are the more durable containers compared to the plastic version. Unless these are dropped from a great enough height that it will shatter the glass, these glass jars will last a lifetime. For the friend who prefers glass over plastic in their kitchen, these square glass jars even come with customized labels and silver lids that screw on. Just remember to message the seller directly so you can customize the label you want on these jars for your friend's pantry.  

Square glass canister silver lid, P130 for small, P160 for medium, and P200 for large, Lazada     

Photo by Lazada

7 Stackable Plastic Clip-on Lid Containers 

Price: P174 and up 

One of the best characteristics of plastic containers is that they are stackable. Glass jars are in danger of breaking if stacked, especially if these were not meant to be stacked. 

These containers are made to be stacked. Whether small, medium, or large in size, if it needs to be stacked to fit in a kitchen cabinet, it can be without any danger. For the friend who has little space in their kitchen for everything to be lined up, you can rest easy that these will stack with ease and security.  

The containers come in 460 ml, 700 ml, 1300 ml, and 1800 ml sizes. Just note that the 1800 ml container is only available as part of the container sets. If you're feeling generous, gift your friend a full set of one of each container for P984, or you can get the six-piece set which includes an extra two 460 ml and one more 700 ml container for P1,225.


Kitchen Dry Food Container, P174 for 460 ml, P219 for 700 ml, P318 for 1300 ml, Lazada 


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