Did You Know Conti’s Can Deliver Lumpia And Lasagna To Your Doorstep?

Conti's has a variety of frozen entrees you can have delivered!

IMAGE Conti's

There's no denying that Conti's desserts are popular, especially the Mango Bravo and the Ube Leche Flan. But Conti's is more than just a bakeshop as they also serve plates of different delicious comfort food in their restaurants. For those who don't know, yes, Conti's delivers frozen, ready-to-cook versions of your fave dishes.


For appetizers, the Shanghai Rolls (P265/25 pieces) are an option, but if you want something different, they also offer Siomai (P210/12 pieces), Molo Soup (P150), and Seafood Chowder (P150). 

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Conti's frozen meaty entrees are perfect for lazy mornings or if you need something quick for lunch and dinner. The options you can choose from are Roast Beef (P505), Pork Tocino (P320/500g), Mom's Garlic Longganisa (P325/450g), Lengua Estofado (P495), Embotido (P295/500g), Chicken Tocino (P285/500g), Callos (P340), Beef Tapa Strips (P395/500g), Beef Caldereta (P425), Barbecued Spare Ribs (P320), and a Homemade Ham Roll (P1,295). 


The seafood options include the Rellenong Bangus (P430/600g) and Salmon Head (P315/2 pieces), and you can add Laing (P295) as a side dish!  Conti's offers a classic Lasagna (P300) and Baked Macaroni (P245).

Conti's Frozen Entrees are available for delivery! You can place your orders through their official online store, GrabFood (iOS and Android), or by calling 8580-8888

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