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How much of a cookie lover are you? Do you enjoy a cookie or two? Do you wolf down a freshly baked tray of cookies in minutes? Do you open a package of cookies secretly so you don't have to share? Are you embarking on a journey on finding the best cookie out there?

Wherever you are on the scale of "how much you love cookies", you know about the supreme pleasure a cookie can bring-whether when it's soft, warm, and sitting on a tray that's too hot to touch, broken and dunked in milk, or kept in a parchment paper bag, to be eaten in small rations of happiness throughout the day. Our love for cookies stems from our childhood and is only growing along with the ever-expanding market.

What makes cookies so great? First of all, there are so many different kinds. This means that there's a perfect for every person depending on their taste. There is no universally perfect cookie. Instead, the best you can look for is one that you find fits the cookie-shaped hole in your heart, that tastes, smells, and feels as though it was made just for you.


Here, we'll help you find that perfect cookie, whether you have to buy it or bake it yourself.

Right at the peak of the red velvet trend, these cookies came to be.
Photo by Riell Santos
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Old School Quick Fixes To Your Cookie Craving

A good cookie is never too far away. Long before it began trending on the internet, it's always been in our hearts. Who isn't well-acquainted with grocery staples Chips Ahoy's Basic, Soft-Baked Cookies, or Red Velvet Cookies that are widely available at grocery stores? On top of that, there are plenty of Mrs. Field's stalls offering soft chewy cookies can be found at malls as well that have been on our shores for as long as we can remember.


The Rise Of The Cookie Trend, 2014 To Today.

"Cookies" as a trend, an internet phenomenon, though, began in 2014 as several bakeries in the United States became popular for their cookies. From perfecting the basic chocolate chip cookie to exhibit chewiness, crisp, softness, and chocolatey gooeyness, adding salty flavors previously unimagined, changing the shape of cookies from size to turning it into a shoot glass, the sky is the limit when playing with cookies. Pastry chefs began to put special attention to these classics, transforming them into more imaginative, playful, multi-dimensional desserts. 

You can't go wrong with a classic Milk Chocolate Cookie.
Photo by Ben's Cookies

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Before we go into different styles of cookies, let's first go to even more places to get your classic chocolate chip cookies.

Toby's Estate offers chewy, chocolatey cookies that don't shy away from salt to get that perfect balance in flavor. Classic Confections, which provide the cookies for all of Nono's branches, also make satisfying classic chocolate chip cookies. If you're looking something even more classic, Famous Amos' crispy cookies, once famous packaged cookies that were phased out, made a come back this year, both in the groceries and with their shop. Ben's Cookies, which began in 1983 in Oxford, England, has taken notice of the Philippine market's growing cookie market has also stepped foot onto our shores with their shop at Podium. Their cookies' texture ticks all the boxes: chewy, soft, but crispy-edged.


Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

If you're looking for a cool cookie treat, check out Sebastian's Ice Cream's Chilly Burgers. Elephant Grounds uses delicious slightly soft cookies (made in-house) to make their delectable ice cream sandwiches. 

Photo by Starbucks Philippines


Brookies are the lovechild of the beloved brownie and cookies. It's unclear who was the mastermind of this work of art, but what we do know is that they are always delicious. Follow our easy brookie recipe below or check out Starbucks' hybrid cookies that came out this 2019.


Why have just one mix-in when you can have it all?
Photo by Cy Ynares

Compost Cookies

Created by the popular Momofuku Milk Bar, by the pastry chef Christina Tosi (Chef's Table), Compost Cookies redefined chocolate chip cookies as one of its first starring products at its first branch. It broke the mold of chocolate chip cookies by adding in salted pretzels, salty potato chips, nuts, and more, into the batter for a sweet and salty mix of flavors. You can get your compost cookie craving satisfied locally by Cookie Bar or The Bald Baker.

Rest assured you'll receive a box of freshly-made warm Mood Bake cookies.
Photo by Bea Faicol

New York-Style Chocolate Chip Cookies

New York-Style chocolate chip cookies are actually based from the cookies made by Levain Bakery, which in 1994 set out to "create the world's greatest chocolate chip cookie."  Today, this style of giant and thick chocolate chip cookies, with chunks of chocolate, and are baked until crispy-edged, with soft, almost cookie-dough-like centers, have versions made by Henry's Best Cookies and Liz Uy's Mood Cookies.


Cookie Shots

In 2014, Dominique Ansel debuted the Cookie Shot, which is a cookie in the shape of a shot glass, laminated with Valrhona chocolate and filled with fresh milk. The world went nuts for it, looking just like everyone's childhood dream. You can get cookie shots locally at Cookie Bar Manila.


Dark Chocolate Cookies

Reveling in locally produced, fine dark chocolate is Mo' Cookies' South Cotabato Dark Chocolate Cookie which was even featured in our 2018's Favorite Desserts.

Adventurous Cookies: The Golden Age Of Cookies

The local cookie demand has grown so much that there's now room for niche markets and home bakers can experiment with bold new flavors.


Ollie's Kitchen used Auro Chocolate to produce Champorado Cookies topped with rice crisps and gold-flaked tuyo. If you're interested in champorado cookies but not brave enough for the salty fish, you can also try Tilde's cookies available at this Poblacion café.


Baker On East makes the most interesting Red Miso & Choc Chunk Cookies which are moist, tender, and umami-packed. Ben's Cookies have this amazing citrusy and chocolatey Orange Chocolate Cookies.

The Classic Chocolate Chip with Maldon Sea Salt uses two types of chocolate, the semi-sweet and dark chocolate.
Photo by Michael Angelo (@michaelangelo_foodart)

For tea lovers, Gurbies' Pastries have these Earl Grey Cookies that are the most unexpected extremely delicious flavor. They also have milk tea cookies if you're still riding the milk tea trend. If decadence is what you're looking for in a cookie though, then why not have this cookie cake from Ollie's Kitchen?

Photo by Cookies By The Bucket

Freshly Baked Cookies

Sometimes though, what we look for in the cookie comes back to the most basic: it has to be warm! Apart from microwaveable convenience store cookies, you can also catch Cookies By The Bucket. Drawing inspiration from Minnesota State Fair's Sweet Martha food stall, Cookies By The Bucket bake cookies as you order them and are served with fresh milk.


Another great idea for a quick warm cookie fix at home? You can buy Borough's frozen cookie dough balls, which you can store in the freezer, and pop it in the oven any time you're craving for some warm, perfect cookies.

It's a little overwhelming, having so many choices but we're all for it. As more and more brands come in, the competition get tougher, and the cookies are bound to get even more delicious.

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