Find These Legit Green Tea and Cappuccino Butter Cookies at The Grocery

Cowhead's cookies' don't miss a step with their flavors!

We know Cowhead for their fresh milk, but do you know they also have ridiculously good boxed cookies? 


The Matcha Butter Cookies have just the right amount of earthy green tea flavors that’s lifted by a fresh fruity note. Even people who don't like matcha (green tea flavors) will finally get to appreciate the unique flavor that's perfectly tempered from becoming overwhelming. 



Their Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies are unlike the ones you’ve had! The sweet and earthy peanut butter filling is complemented by saltine crackers. The filling has a strong peanut flavor that tastes fresh out of the shell!


The Cappuccino Butter Cookies burst with strong coffee flavors. Though perfect paired with coffee or milk, it stands up on its own as every crunchy bite already tastes like a good cup of coffee!



Trust us, you want to find these at your grocery store!


Here's a great hack you can do with it! You can also turn the cappuccino and matcha butter cookies into your flavored no-bake crusts! Simply crush and add melted butter then press into your pan as you would with your typical graham cracker crust. The cookies' strong flavor will instantly add depth to your dish. You can also use the crushed cookies as a topping for your ice cream for a little pizzaz.



Available at Robinsons Magnolia and SM Bicutan for P90-100 per box. 



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