Costa Coffee Turns Your Favorite Cakes Into Drinks

These bring coffee-and-cake to a whole other level.

Coffee and cake go hand-in-hand, but what if we told you that you can have cake and coffee in one? Costa Coffee just added the Frostino Decadence line to their coffee menu, and by the looks of the three new drinks, these are sure to satisfy any sweet hankerings you might have.




Inspired by cakes and desserts, the Frostino Decadence has three equally toothsome flavors to choose from. The Lemon Cheesecake (P185/primo, P200/medio, P215/massimo) is tart and vibrant, with lemon syrup and lemon zest, a cheesecake-flavored ice-blended milk, and crushed graham crackers, while the Red Velvet (P185/primo, P200/medio, P215/massimo) has the bright hue of the cake it's inspired by, and lots of red velvet cake chunks blended in, to boot. Though if you're more a chocolate person, the Toasted Almond Mocha Frostino (P185/primo, P200/medio, P215/massimo), inspired by mocha cake with a blend of coffee and chocolate plus generous drizzles of chocolate syrup on whipped cream, is the right fit for you. You might end up having more cheat days because of these.


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