Binggrae-Flavored Milk Tea Exists And It's Available In Strawberry And Banana

Two trendy milk drinks in one!

Despite quarantine restrictions, the Metro's addiction to milk tea has yet to die down. However, there's a new milk-based drink that's been getting lots of buzz this 2020 and that's flavored milk from South Korea. Perhaps it's all the K-Drama marathons that's driven hoards of people in Manila to go crazy over this creamy drink, and particularly Binggrae's variation of the flavored milks. In case your new obsession with flavored Korean milk has made you feel like you're betraying your beloved milk tea, we found a way you can get both trendy beverages in one: Craft Your Own Milk Tea's has Binggrae-Flavored Milk Tea and we think we've died and gone to heaven!


Craft Your Own Milk Tea also released a milk tea variation inspired by Yakult in late June, so it looks like they've really got a knack for turning trendy drinks into irresistible milk tea flavors. Now they're back with another cool beverage, this time modeled after Binggrae's ultra-popular flavored milk drinks. You can choose between Banana and Strawberry Milk Tea (P130 per bottle) a la Binggrae's milks of the same flavors. You can also opt to get pudding mixed into your drink for an extra P20!

And did we mention they come in the cutest bottles? Not only are they totally IG-worthy, but they'll make the milk tea easy to store in case you want to stock up or you just can't finish it all in one go.

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You can order Craft Your Own Milk Tea's Binggrae-Flavored Milk Tea by sending a message to their Instagram page.


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