Here Are The Mouthwatering Food Moments From Crazy Rich Asians!

When words aren't enough, let the food speak for itself!

IMAGE Sanja Bucko/ Warner Bros.

One of this year's most-anticipated movie adaptations, Crazy Rich Asians opened in theaters in the Philippines on August 22. The film got a lot of buzz even before its release date because of its Asian cast and production. Most of the story happens in Singapore, one of the most delicious places to eat in Asia, and of course we couldn't resist taking note of all the food that appeared in the film: 




1 Rachel is welcomed to Singapore with a meal at Newton Food Centre 

There's nothing quite like sitting down, sharing stories and experiences over sticks of grilled satay, sipping on a bowl of creamy and spicy laksa, sharing a serving of ice kachang, and chugging down a pint of cold beer at the Newton Food Centre. Nick Young, Araminta Lee, and Colin Khoo, who are accustomed to lavish dinner tables and overflowing food banquets, enjoyed welcoming Rachel to Singapore by introducing her to the different Singaporean street food found at this lively food market.




2 The family makes dumplings! 

For a family that is as traditional as the Youngs, they obviously give importance to family traditions. In this scene where everyone is seated in a long, wooden table, they slowly start to get into this familiar rhythm of perfectly tucking (pinch) the baby (minced meat) in its bed (dough). Spoiler-not-spoiler alert: If you haven't seen watched the trailers, try not to swoon during a shared moment between Rachel and Nick when he adorably demonstrates this for Rachel to learn! 




3 Rainbow Lapis and other Singaporean desserts


A montage of different food preparations was shown before Nick introduces Rachel to his mother. Fast cuts of the servers finely chopping vibrantly green vegetables, steaming bamboo baskets, and plating the different colorful pastries like the Rainbow Lapis will definitely catch your attention and build up your appetite. While Eleanor Young was busy multi-tasking between being condescending to Rachel and managing the kitchen, you can almost smell the aroma of the dishes on the big screen. 



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