Love Chocolate? Look For These Chocolatey Cookies In The Grocery!

Pair this with hot chocolate.

IMAGE Cream-Oholics official Facebook page

For chocolate fans, there's no such things as too much chocolate! A standard chocolate chip cookie is fine, but doubling the chocolate is always better. If you're looking for something new and sweet to snack on, Cream-O has a new cookie flavor that will interest your sweet tooth. Check out Cream-O's new Double Choco Chip cookies!

Cream-O's new Double Choco Chip cookies are made with a soft chocolate chip cookie with chocolate chips dotted on top. You can pair this with milk for that classic cookie and milk combination, but if you want to triple the chocolate (because why not!), you should pair this with hot chocolate.

You can find Cream-O's Double Choco Chip Cookies in supermarkets nationwide.

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