The Story Behind Goldilocks' Crema de Fruta

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Crema de fruta is a Filipino dessert made of three layers: soft sponge cake, smooth custard, and fruity gelatin. Local bakeshop Goldilocks calls it crema de fruta, but there's a story behind the dessert's signature packaging. The packaging of the Goldilocks crema de fruta is super specific, and it was just as important as the cake that would be in it. 

According to Goldilocks' Pinky Yee in a Facebook post last May 8, she said there was more to Goldilocks' crema de fruta cake than its delicious layers. 

The refrigerator cake was a hit during the 60s and 70s but the packaging of these cakes was unsatisfactory to Goldilocks co-founder Mrs. Milagros Yee. At the time, aluminum containers were the norm but she wanted a better, more appealing packaging to not only showcase the cake but to fit it, too. She met with the owner and president of the biggest plastic manufacturer at the time, Vassar Industries Inc. She brought a crema de fruta for him to taste. 


It was a brilliant move. He not only agreed to make the customized container, from the size to the materials of the mold, but he also made the packaging exclusive to Goldilocks for a decade before making the unique packaging available to other bakeshops.

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"The initial order was consumed in less than a year! Vassar willing made the second size, a square packaging shortly after that. The loaf-sized and round containers were added to address the growing demand," said Pinky Yee.


What made the packaging so important to Mrs. Yee? 

The cake was another unique creation for Goldilocks: the crema de fruta. "Mrs. Yee prepared a mouthwatering cake with fruit custard cream that he had never tasted before." Flip through the Goldilocks Bakebook to the recipe, and you'll see that the Crema De Fruta recipe is a combination of four separate recipes: the vanilla sponge cake, a vanilla buttercream, a custard filling, and the crema gelatin sauce. The sponge cake is in two layers which makes for a tall cake. It sandwiches a layer of custard and fruit cocktail filling topped with more custard filling. It's topped with a clear pineapple-juice flavored gelatin that when it hardened, set the sliced peaches and cherry halves that decorated the top in place. 

Where does the vanilla buttercream come in? It is spread onto the cakes between the custard and fruit cocktail filling. 

It's another fruity, creamy, and unique dessert that has become a classic Filipino dessert from a bakeshop that takes pride in its creations.  



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