There’s A New Chocolate Spread In Town And It’s Made With Crispy M&M’s!

Here's where you can score this bottled chocolate spread.

Supermarkets like S&R Membership Shopping is one of the places where you can buy unique imported chocolatey finds. Here you can find a selection of ice cream, ice cream cakes, cereal, and even bottled spreads inspired by popular chocolate bars we all grew up with. If you're a fan of M&M'S, specifically the Crispy version, you should know that S&R now offers this as a spread.

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The bottled Crispy M&M's is a melted version of the multi-colored button-shaped chocolate speckled with the small crispy wafer-like pieces this chocolate flavor is known for. You can slather this on a piece of toasted bread and add slices of banana on top for a different take on the Nutella banana toast or you can even add it to your homemade pancakes, waffles, or crepes. Better yet, you can enjoy it on its own: Take a spoonful from the bottle and have it as a quick chocolate treat! 

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Did you know that the Crispy M&M's were once discontinued in the United States? Shortly after Mars launched the Crispy M&M's back in 1999, this was discontinued in the United States but remained available to the rest of the world, specifically Europe and Southeast Asia. But in 2015, after fans pressured the company during its nine-year hiatus, they finally decided to continue production in the United States. Now, it's a permanent item in the selection and we hope it stays that way for everyone.


The bottled Crispy M&M's spread is now available at S&R Membership Shopping.



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