Filipino Dishes Are Still The Go-To Recipes, Even For This Pinoy Chef

This Food Hero Asia host turns to Pinoy dishes to wow friends and viewers.

You may have seen Anton Amoncio on his cooking shows on the Asian Food Channel and the Food Network or perhaps on an early morning on "Unang Hirit" or even on the teleserye "Inday Will Always Love You" last season. You've seen him cooking on TV but at heart, Amoncio is really just someone who wants to cook for you, and he's been doing that even before he became a TV chef. 

Food Hero Asia winner and Filipino chef Anton Amoncio has a new show on The Discovery Channel called "Cruise The World".
Photo courtesy of The Discovery Channel

Pinoy chef and TV show host Amoncio won the Food Hero Asia competition last 2016 but despite having run a restaurant and experienced other cuisines, his go-to recipes are Filipino recipes. Whenever he's expected to bring something to a handaan, especially during Christmas, he says he always brings his beef caldereta and his sopas

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"My sopas has a bunch of sausages," he says, "so it really depends on what type of sausage you put in. It really affects the taste of the entire dish, and it's homey. It's cold and people like having soup and it's so easy to make. You just toss everything in and people, family members always say me to bring my sopas." 

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Even when he's seeking to impress someone with his food, Amoncio turns to his grandmother's tinola recipe. "When presenting the tinola to other people, it's like an extension of yourself, so if I bring forth my recipe of my tinola to other people, it's like me saying 'Guys, this is very personal. This is from my Lola, and it was passed on to me, and I'm sharing it with you.'"


It's this passion to cook for other people, not for himself, that Amoncio says makes for a really a different dining experience. This is especially true when that someone is someone who is close to your heart. That's how he feels everytime his grandmother, his food hero, cooks for him. 

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Her tinola is the obvious clear winner in his list of favorite food but her Chinese-style adobo is just as much a comfort dish as the other. "It's a mix between her Chinese influence so our adobo has eggs too. It's a little bit sweet. She even puts some mushrooms in it. So, it's pretty nice. I look for it. I cannot not have it." 


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This January, you can watch Amoncio on another type of show on TLC, and it has nothing to do with his talents in the kitchen. This time, he's going on a trip, and it's with someone he's going to meet for the first time. In TLC's new travel show called "Cruise The World", he goes on a cruise with Taiwanese host Patty Lee to each other's country so they can experience the trip the way only someone who grew up there can. 


Filipino chef Anton Amoncio and Taiwanese host Patty Lee have fun while on a trip to the Puerto Princessa.
Photo by courtesy of Discovery Channel

Anton and Patty are the first of two duos on the show to take a cruise with a new friend and experience more of each other's country than they can experience on their own. 


Watch "Cruise the World" episodes on TLC Philippines starting January 19 at 7:10 p.m. 


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