DA Bans Poultry and Pork Products From Four Countries Due to Bird Flu, Swine Fever

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The Department of Agriculture (DA) has banned the importation of poultry and pork products from four countries. 

In a news report from the Philippine Star on March 25, the ban was signed and issued last March 23, Wednesday. The countries and pork and poultry products included in the bans are:

Pork products from Malaysia

Poultry products from Denmark

Poultry products from France

Poultry products from Sweden

The bans were issued based on reports submitted to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) which reports animal diseases found in its territories and disseminates these findings to other countries. In one of these reports, the representative based in Malaysia reported last February that there was an outbreak of the African Swine Fever or ASF. Likewise, the representatives from Denmark, France, and Sweden have all reported outbreaks or additional outbreaks of the bird flu in their respective countries.   

All four memorandums signed were effective immediately and are to be enforced until written orders revoke the bans. 



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