You Need This This Chili Garlic Oil In Your Kitchen!

Do you find yourself reaching for chili flakes, chili powder, chili sauce, chili paste, or any spicy condiment and adding it to everything that you eat? Because we can totally relate! If you're just the type who loves a little bit of heat in your food, we found a great spicy oil that belongs in your kitchen pantry.

Daddy Mikk's new Chilli Shots is a potent chili garlic oil.
Photo by Majoy Siason-Basco

What you need to know

One of our holy grail in our spicy condiment list is a local brand called Daddy Mikks. They have the Chilli Crunch (P220), Garlic Crunch (P180), and, the latest addition, the Chilli Shots (P100). The Chili Shots is a potent chili garlic oil made with chili, garlic, salt, pepper, spices, and vegetable oil. One can already anticipate the garlicky flavors each drop has because you can get a whiff of the strong garlic smell of the oil a few inches away from the bottle's opening.

You have to try a Chilli Shots + Chilli Crunch combo!
Photo by Daddy Mikks
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What we love about it

The Chilli Shots can be used in just about anything-from pasta, soup, meat, rice, and, definitely with your sawsawan. We tried it with siomai, soy sauce, and calamansi and we could feel a mild burn with just five drops, and, of course, we added five more drops just to see how far our tolerance can take it. 

We also tried combining the Chilli Shots with the Chilli Crunch for the siomai. The spiciness and the flavor of garlic are brought to a higher level, but the added crunch makes for a different but pleasing texture. Who doesn't love a crunch, right? We highly recommend this combination for those who have a higher tolerance with spicy food.

Know someone who loves spicy food, too? This set is the perfect gift!
Photo by Majoy Siason-Basco

Don't like spicy food but know someone who does? Daddy Mikks' trio: Chilli Crunch, Chilli Shots, and Garlic Crunch are available as a gift set, too!  

Where to get it

You can find a bottle of Daddy Mikk's Chilli Shots on their official website, Shopee, Lazada, Online Kitchen Manila, Beauty Manila, and Amazon. It's also available at numerous store outlets and from resellers in and outside Metro Manila. Daddy Mikks regularly updates its official Facebook page with the whole list.

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