Dairy Queen's New Christmas Ice Cream Is Made With Pistachios!

Pistachio fans will love this!

There's always room for ice cream! Now that it's almost Christmas and the nippy 'Ber breeze hasn't arrived yet, you should drop by Dairy Queen because they just added a range of pistachio-flavored ice cream for the holidays!

From L-R: Pistachio Pepero, Double Pistachio, and the Pistachio Brownie.
Photo by Dairy Queen Pistachio

Dairy Queen's latest ice cream line for Christmas is the Festive Pistachio Blizzards. This ice cream line includes three flavors: the Pistachio Pepero has pistachio-flavored ice cream with bits of crunchy Pepero chocolate cookie sticks; the Pistachio Brownie has chunks of fudgy brownies; the Double Pistachio, which literally doubles the pistachio by mixing in pistachio-flavored ice cream with real pistachio bits. 

Don't worry if you are into milkshakes than ice cream! Dairy Queen has also released a Pistachio Milkshake that's topped with whipped cream.

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