Dakasi's NEW Creamy Avocado Drink Will Soon Be Available Near You!

It uses fresh avocado!

There's never a shortage of desserts that play with the sweet, earthy flavors of avocado. There's the homemade avocado ice cream, no-bake avocado ice cream cheesecake, and an avocado cooler, just to name a few. If you're an avocado fan who is looking for the next avocado dessert, we found a new drink that you might like.


Dakasi, a Taiwanese tea shop, is known for their Creme line and the latest addition to this line is the Creme Avocado. According to Louise Dizon of Dakasi Philippines, the Creme Avocado is a combination of fresh avocado (not powdered avocado!) and fresh milk with creme. She adds, "We usually put our creme on top, but for this drink, we put it all at the bottom." Because avocados are typically expensive, Dakasi's Creme Avocado will cost P180 per large cup. 

The Creme Avocado, unfortunately, is not available yet, but, don't worry! Dakasi's Creme Avocado will be available in all Luzon branches starting September 22, 2019. 

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