This Café Serves DC Super Heroes-Inspired Food And Drinks

Comic book enthusiasts will love this!

IMAGE DC Super Heroes Cafe Philippines

This Deep Cacao Milk Chocolate Smoothie is obviously for Batman fans. 


This is a spot made for comic book fans: DC Super Heroes Café at the SM Mega Fashion Hall is inspired by all the things from the DC universe-from their comic books, films, TV series, and animated movies. The interiors are inspired from DC landmarks and life-sized Justice League statues can be found all over the place. Plus, when you dine in, servers dressed up in DC-super-hero-inspired outfits will be there to take your order.

For the Batman fans, a must-try is their Deep Cacao Milk Chocolate Smoothie (P190) that is made from chocolate and fresh cacao. For those who haven't gotten over how wonderful Wonder Woman was in last year's film, you should try their Berry Cheesecake Smoothie (P190). This drink is a mixture made from strawberries, guavas, and hibiscus, topped with mango jelly. For the Green Lanterns fans, their Pistachio Grassy Latte (P190) is concocted from pistachio sauce, pandan milk, and espresso.



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For all the Wonder Woman fans: Berry Cheesecake Smoothie.

For their selection of dishes, a few from the many standouts are the Strawberry Trifle (P170)-inspired from Poison Ivy's traps. This has layers of cake, strawberry jam, and chocolate soil, that's topped with venus-flytrap-looking macarons. They also have the Salmon Green Curry (P540), inspired by Arthur Curry-better known as Aquaman. This dish consists of fresh, smoked salmon that's generously swimming in curry sauce, and garnished with edible flowers.



The Strawberry Trifle is inspired from Poison Ivy's traps. 



A dish Aquaman would love: Salmon Green Curry.


If those dishes and drinks haven't persuaded you yet, DC Super Heroes Cafe also serves Lamb Skewers (P580), inspired by Captain Boomerang, Special Churros with Chocolate Sauce (P180), created from Wonder Woman's lasso of truth; and the Three-Cheese Tortellini (P390), that's shaped like Green Lantern's power ring, and many more!


You can visit the DC Super Heroes Café at SM Megamall, 4th floor Mega Fashion Hall.

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