You Won't Be Able To Tell That These Milky Cheese Doughnuts Are Sugar-Free

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Been snacking on one too many milky cheese doughnuts this quarantine? We're just kidding; there's no such thing as too many doughnuts if you ask us. We understand, though, if you're trying not to go overboard with your sugar or carb intake. But since we know the desire for a healthy lifestyle won't exactly stop the cravings from coming, here's a way you can enjoy this popular pastry without wrecking your diet: Your body will thank you when you start eating Dear Diet's Milky Cheese Keto Doughnuts!


This keto-friendly treat looks just like most milky cheese doughnuts you would find in Manila with a fluffy doughnut base, a generous coating of soft, sugar-like powder, and of course, gooey cheese inside. But believe it or not, these doughnuts are low-carb and sugar-free! Each piece contains only 157 calories, so you'll have no problem squeezing one or two doughnuts into your daily calorie limit. They're made with fiber-rich ingredients like almond flour, flaxseed meal, and oat fiber, which promise a lower carbohydrate content compared to traditional types of flour. Plus, fiber is great for maintaining bowel health, lowering cholesterol levels, and controlling blood sugar. Get ready to munch away guilt-free!

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You can get a box of six Milky Cheese Keto Doughnuts for P500 or a dozen for P900. You'll want to buy enough for the whole family!

Check out that cheesy goodness inside!
Photo by Instagram/deardietph

You can order Dear Diet's Milky Cheese Keto Doughnuts by contacting them at (0998) 565-1176. Check out their Instagram page for other healthy snacks.


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