PASKO NA! These Noche Buena Dishes Have Delicious Twists!

Level up your Christmas dinner table with these featured recipes.
noche buena dishes relleno baked salmon crispy sitaw kamote cathedral windows embutido red velvet loaf cake recipe image
These traditional Christmas dishes have a special twists to make each more appetizing on any Noche Buena table it graces.

December is the grandest celebration of the year for the typical Filipino, and with this in mind, we took the recipes that you know should be on your table and gave each a twist. Whether it’s a simple addition of a secret ingredient or a different way of serving it to make it more special, all six of these recipes are sure to make your Noche Buena handaan more appetizing. 

A simple spread of dishes can be festive without going over your budget! That’s what we set out to prove when we came up with this menu of Filipino Noche Buena recipes. While this menu sticks to the traditional, aka tried and true, favorite dishes of the Christmas handaan, we also know giving a recipe a change, a tweak, or a level-up idea can turn an everyday dish into a putahing pangfiesta.

All of these Noche Buena recipes have a delicious twist.

We know how frustrating it can be to deliver a meal that doesn’t meet expectations, but we think even the simplest recipes can be served with a bit of flair! The Yummy.PH December cover recipes feature a Filipino Christmas menu with a twist that you’ll want to share with friends and family. 

1 Crispy Sitaw and Crispy Kamote Recipe

crispy kamote sweet potato sitaw string green beans recipe image
These crispy vegetables make great appetizers for any occasion!
Photo by Majoy Siason | Styling by Lady Badoy

Crispy veggies make delightful appetizers for any spread, and these are exactly that. You can use sitaw (string beans) and kamote (white and orange sweet potatoes) like we did in this crispy sitaw and crispy kamote recipe or you can swap these out for other vegetables that you love more.


2 Cheesy Baked Salmon Recipe 

cheesy baked salmon in oven toaster
This cheesy baked salmon can be baked in an oven toaster!
Photo by Majoy Siason | Styling by Lady Badoy

This cheesy baked salmon recipe uses affordable pantry ingredients to make it creamy yet addictive with the play of flavors that are mixed into the topping. Plus, it’s easy since those with a small oven toaster can still make this recipe! 

3 Easy Chicken Relleno Rolls Recipe 

chicken relleno or chicken breast rolls stuffed with ground chicken
Serve with gravy poured over these chicken relleno rolls which are also known as stuffed chicken breast fillets.
Photo by Majoy Siason | Styling by Lady Badoy

It may not be as impressive as a whole deboned and stuffed chicken but this change from a whole chicken to just the breasts makes it super easy to do. Plus it also makes it less stressful for you to make! Think of this recipe as a cross between an embutido and a chicken cordon bleu with the ground chicken stuffing rolled up in chicken breast fillets. And that’s this easy chicken relleno rolls recipe


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4 Bacon-Wrapped Embutido Recipe 

filipino embutido meatloaf roll wrapped in bacon recipe image
This embutido is a classic version that is wrapped in bacon to make it more appetizing on the dinner table.
Photo by Majoy Siason | Styling by Lady Badoy

To make the usual embutido more special for the holidays (or any other special occasion that you want to celebrate), a simple wrap of bacon is used to deliver a more irresistible dish. This bacon-wrapped embutido recipe makes this Filipino meatloaf more impressive (and more appetizing!) to those who spy it on your dinner table. 

5 Cathedral Window Cups Recipe

cathedral windows layered in cups using gulaman or agar agar seaweed gelatin recipe image
This layered dessert is a cathedral window cups version that’s easy and super creamy.
Photo by Majoy Siason | Styling by Lady Badoy

This Cathedral Window cups recipe is even more creamy and silky than the original! That’s all thanks to the sweetened cream, inspired by a coffee jelly recipe, that is layered between the rainbow of fruit gulaman cubes. Plus, deconstructing the original Cathedral Window into individual cups makes this easy to serve! 


6 Red Velvet Loaf Cake Recipe 

red velvet loaf cake recipe with cream cheese frosting
Want an easy red velvet cake that is easy to make? Try this red velvet loaf cake recipe with an equally easy cream cheese frosting.
Photo by Majoy Siason | Styling by Lady Badoy

This simple and easy red velvet loaf cake recipe still captures the essence of all the things you love about a red velvet cake (including the addictive cream cheese frosting!) without the extra effort of making a layered cake. 

So. Are you excited to cook and bake our December featured recipes as part of your handaan this Christmas? What Noche Buena dishes do you plan to have on your table? 


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