Grab These Fun Food Finds at the Deli

Drop by the deli for exciting products and ingredients to welcome into your kitchen.

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We can all agree that our well-loved neighborhood grocery takes up a sweet place in our heart. It is convenient and consistent, making it a favorite constant and reliable haven for all our weekly household needs.


However, the world of food extends beyond our usual supermarket shelves. Is it time to spice things up in the kitchen? We’ve rounded up some delicious additions to your kitchen pantry from your nearby deli, perfect for serving up fun new dishes and snacks for your family and friends.


Lolea Sangria

The life of the party is right inside this bottle! With the holidays fast-approaching, grab a bottle or two to cut down on your drinks prep when entertaining. Plus, the quirky bottle design makes for a fun addition to your table setting. Available at Terry’s Selection.



Bonton Bakery Fresh Croissants and Pastries

Grab everything from ultra-flaky croissants, to sweet cookies, and brunch-worthy muffins! Cartel Deli hosts fresh pastries from Bonton Bakery for every sugar-lover out there. 



Thomy Hollandaise Sauce 

The mother of all sauces is finally made ready-to-serve and easy to pour on your Sunday breakfast of Eggs Benedict or mixed into your Friday night pasta dish! Also, if you’re planning to whip up a Bechamel sauce, you’re halfway done with the help of this convenient product. Available at Santi’s Delicatessen.



Asian Home Gourmet Hainanese Chicken Rice Spice Paste 

Who doesn’t love a homemade Hainanese Chicken meal? The tasty, comforting blend of ginger and chicken broth is now conveniently packed in Asian Home Gourmet’s Hainanese Chicken Rice Spice Paste! Available at Santi’s Delicatessen.



Chef Munne Mushroom Risotto

Whip up a classy meal in only a few minutes: Chef Munne’s risotto will be ready in only 12. Available at Terry’s Selection. 



Hero Roschti

Homemade chicken curry isn’t complete without some deliciously authentic roti bread! Get yours straight from the shelf next time you’re having Indian Night at home. All you have to do is toast it. Available at Santi’s Delicatessen.



Garapal Hot Sauce

With out-of-the-box flavors like coffee-chocolate and garlic, how could this hot sauce not take your dish to the next level? Have it with your roast meats, pasta, and sandwiches. Available at Providore.



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