This Huge Container Of Delimondo Is Now Available In The Supermarket

One of the best gifts you can place under a friend's or relative's Christmas tree, especially in this time of neverending price hikes, is food. And if you have the extra budget, a bundle of their favorite food is even better. If the gift receiver is a fan of Delimondo, a huge can of Delimondo is something they'll thank you for.

For the past years, Delimondo's bundled packages were mostly available in their stores or online but now, Landers Superstore also carries it. The members-exclusive supermarket carries one version which is the Delimondo King Size Can Gift Pack, and is priced at P2,999.95.

Photo by Landers Superstore website

The Delimondo King Size Can Gift Pack includes the following Delimondo products:

  • Ranch Style Corned Beef (380G) x 2
  • Garlic & Chili Corned beef (380G) x 1
  • Tapa Corned Beef (380G) x 1
  • Caldereta Corned Beef (380G) x 2
  • Barbacoa Corned Beef (380G) x 1
  • Original Luncheon Meat (260G) x 1
  • Spicy Luncheon Meat (260G) x 1
  • Tuna in Hot and Spicy Olive Oil (185G) x1
  • Tuna in Extra Virgin Oil (185G) x 1
  • Bolognese (310G) x 1
  • Chili and Garlic Oil (250G) x 1

This applies if you're buying the Delimondo gift pack in any of the National Capital Region-based branches. If you're buying from Landers in Cebu, there are a few differences. Instead of the Original and Spicy Luncheon Meat, you get Tuna in Extra Virgin Oil and Hot and Spicy Olive Oil.

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Photo by Facebook/Delimondo and Landers Superstore website

If you don't have time to go to a nearby Landers Superstore, you can have it delivered via the Landers Superstore website.


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