Yes, You Can Get A Tub Of Cream Puffs At The Supermarket

This would pair perfectly with a cup of coffee!

IMAGE Delizza Desserts on Facebook

During these stressful times, it's understandable that you should have your favorite comfort food within reach. If a bite of cream puff chases those blues away, there's a tub filled with 30 pieces of cream puffs that's calling out your name.

On your next grocery run to S&R Membership Shopping, make sure to make a beeline to the frozen section and look for Delizza Patisserie. This tub of Belgian mini cream puffs is filled with fresh whipped cream in natural vanilla flavor, all for P470. These need to be stored in the freezer to keep the whipped cream intact.


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The tubs we spotted at S&R Membership Shopping have 30 pieces of cream puffs but according to Delizza's official website, they also have tubs filled with 50, 120, and 320 pieces of cream puffs!

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