This Devil’s Food Cake Is Sinfully Delicious!

This cake is a definite must-have for the holidays!

IMAGE Courtesy of Cravings

If you're one of those people who start prepping for Christmas early, you're in luck! The Cravings Group just released their new festive cakes, classic potluck dishes, bakeshop goodies, and deli boxes, in time for the holidays.  



Looking for a cake to add to your holiday spread? The Naked Devil’s Food Cake (P1300) is a a rich, dense chocolate cake—it’s way fluffier and darker than your regular chocolate cake. But what makes Cravings' Devil’s Food cake extraordinary? It's made extremely sinfully delicious with a topping of marshmallow frosting.




This delicious dessert does not have any frosting on the outer layer—which exposes the cake’s natural texture and filling. You’ll see that even the marshmallow frosting in between the moist chocolate sponges are lightly torched. The same goes with the marshmallow frosting on the top of the cake but bedazzled with some edible beads. So pretty, right?


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The naked cake's charm comes from its simple, rustic look.

From the name itself, you'll already have an idea of what this cake is all about?it's deep, dark, moist, and sinful.

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This is how to make your homemade cake pass the standards for pretty. It takes no effort at all!


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