The Different Instant Cheese Ramen Packs: How Much + Where To Buy It

Ramen + cheese is very delish!

Cheese can be added to a lot of dishes, including a comforting bowl of ramen. When you add melty cheese in a bowl of piping hot ramen noodles, the cheese instantly melts and softens. Once you stir the noodles, broth, and cheese together, the ramen broth that coats the noodles becomes thicker, creamier, and tastier.

It's easy to hack cheesy ramen if you have a pack of instant ramen and cheese spread or single slices in your pantry. You can simply cook the instant ramen as is and mix the cheese in afterward! You don't need to think that far ahead. There are also instant cheese ramen packs that are sold in Korean groceries and even big, local supermarkets.

If you want to try what the instant cheese ramen hype is about, we have listed down different brands that offer it and places where you can buy it.

The different instant cheese ramens:

Photo by Shopee/Famulei

1 Ottogi's Cheese Bokki

This is a broth-less type of instant cheese ramen. You will have to cook the noodles, drain the water, and then mix in the cheese seasoning before taking a bite. According to the Ramen Noodlist, this doesn't have a spicy flavor as what one would expect from a tteokbokki-inspired ramen. The flavors are more is similar to mac & cheese.

How much and where to buy: P70 at Famulei.

Photo by Shopee/Famulei
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2 Ottogi's Cheese Ramen

Ottogi's Cheese Ramen is one of the most popular instant cheese ramen brands out there. The opposite of the Cheese Bokki, the Cheese Ramen has broth. You can make this by cooking the noodles and when it starts boiling, add in the cheese powder and mix.

How much and where to buy: P60 at Famulei.

Photo by Shopee/Famulei

3 Ottogi's Real Cheese Ramen

Another instant cheese ramen Ottogi produces is the Real Cheese Ramen. What makes this cheesy ramen different is that it has "real cheese." Instead of the cheese powder, you get a sachet of melted cheese that you add to the hot ramen. Just mix well and *slurp*.

How much and where to buy: P66/plastic pack and P88/cup at Famulei.

Photo by Shopee/Famulei

4 Paldo's Cheese Ramyun

A pack of Paldo's Cheese Ramen includes noodles and a sachet each for the soup base, dehydrated vegetables, and cheese powder. You cook this the same way you would cook any instant ramen, but with the added step of adding the cheese powder while the noodles are cooking.

How much and where to buy: P65/pack at Famulei and P250/multi-pack at Assi Fresh Plaza.

Photo by Shopee/Famulei

5 Samyang's Buldak Cheese

Do you remember the Fire Noodle Challenge? Samyang also has a cheesy version of the Hot Chicken flavor. This broth-less ramyun is still spicy, but with the help of the cheese powder packet, it makes it easier to eat if you love spicy food but don't necessarily have a high tolerance for it.

How much and where to buy: P70/pack and P325/5-piece pack at Famulei.


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