WATCH: All the Ube Cheese Desserts You Need To Try Right Now

There’s more than just the ube cheese pandesal.

There’s no denying that ube and cheese are a match made in heaven. The sweet, earthiness of the ube as it blends with the sharp saltiness of the cheese effortlessly complement each other. And it almost doesn’t matter what form it comes in, whether it’s the ube cheese pandesal or ube cheese hopia.

If you haven’t tried any of the trending ube-cheese desserts or snacks, we list down the different ube and cheese treats you should try ASAP

These baked ube rice cakes are topped with a gooey melted cheddar cheese.
Photo by Bea Faicol

1 Ube Cheese Bibingka from Bibingka Manila

These moist bibingkas by Bibingka Manila are made with an ube-flavored galapong, stuffed with a delicious (and top-secret) ube halaya filling, then topped with a square of melted cheddar. It’s a unique take on a Christmas classic that’s usually plain and topped with salted egg, cheese, and lots of butter.

You can place your order of Bibingka Manila’s Ube & Cheese Bibingka (P360/box of 6) by sending a text message or Viber message to (0917) 561-4997.

Palitaw stuffed with ube and cheese is a delicious kakanin treat!
Photo by Instagram/bakedbyamericia

2 Ube Cheese Palitaw Balls from Baked by Americia

Another classic kakanin that’s available in this famous flavor combination comes in the form of Ube Cheese Palitaw Balls, made by Baked by Americia. These balls of ube-flavored palitaw are stuffed with cheese and real ube halaya, then are rolled in desiccated coconut and topped with even more grated cheese.


You can place your order of these Ube Cheese Palitaw Balls (P120/tub of 12 pieces) by sending them an email.

Ube cheese pandesal are super delicious and pillowy soft.
Photo by Bea Faicol

3 Ube Cheese Pandesal from Bungalow Cafe & Bakery

Bungalow Cafe & Bakery’s Ube Cheese Pandesal uses ultra-soft ube-flavored pandesal that’s stuffed with ube halaya and melted cheese. These are best when it’s fresh out of the oven or reheated in the toaster to achieve that melted gooey center.


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Bungalow’s Ube Cheese Pandesals are available on a pre-order basis only. To place an advanced order, you can call (02) 8282-4546


These ube cookies are topped with caramelized white chocolate dulce de leche dollops. Delicious!
Photo by Cloud Bakery

4 Ube Dulcey Cheese Cookies from Cloud Bakery

Cloud Bakery’s chunky Ube Dulcey Cheese Cookies uses an ube fudge cookie as it’s base, which results in a purple cookie with crunchy edges and a chewy center. It’s topped with a “dulcey” cheese filling that’s made with caramelized white chocolate and cream cheese, then sprinkled with flakey salt.

You can order Cloud Bakery’s Ube Dulcey Cookies (P240/3 pieces, P450/6 pieces) by sending them a message on Instagram.

Ube cheese bread can come in these long rolls, too.
Photo by Instagram/K Baker

5 Ube Cheese Rolls from K Baker

K Baker’s Ube Cheese Rolls are a twist on the classic cinnamon rolls that are drizzled with a sugary glaze. This ube-fied version of the cinnamon roll is filled with a chunk of cheddar cheese, topped with grated cheese, and drizzled with cream cheese frosting.


You can order the Ube Cheese Rolls (P200/4 pieces, P290/6 pieces, P390/8 pieces, and P570/12 pieces) through K Baker’s Instagram page or text (0917) 704-0949

Hopia is commonly stuffed but these are made irresistible with ube jam and a square of cheese tucked into the pastry.
Photo by Patrick Martires for Snackalubong

6 Ube Cheese Hopia from Snackalubong

Snackalubong’s Ube Cheese Hopia uses a traditional hopia pastry, similar to that of a shortcrust. It is then stuffed with a bean-based ube filling and a huge chunk of cheese to give it that contrasting sweet and salty taste.

You can order Snackalubong’s Ube Cheese Hopia (P300/box of 20 assorted pieces) by messaging (0917) 886-1190.

[instagram url=””]


7 Ube Crinkles with Ube Halaya and Cream Cheese Frosting from Good Karma

Ube-flavored crinkles aren’t a new thing, but Good Karma takes it to another level by adding a cream cheese filling and a more prominent ube taste. These ube crinkles are treated like sandwich buns, in which in between the two pieces of the crinkles, you can find a thick layer of ube halaya and cream cheese filling.

You can order Good Karma’s Ube Crinkles with Ube Halaya and Cream Cheese Frosting (P450/10 pairs) by filling up their online shop.

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8 Ube Keso Buchi from Buchi Queen

Buchi Queen’s Ube Keso Buchi is made with golden sesame balls that are half-filled with homemade ube halaya, then the other half is filled a huge chunk of cheddar cheese. 


You can order Buchi Queen’s Ube Keso Buchi (P165/12 pieces, P450/35 pieces, and P1,200/100 pieces) by sending them a message at (0915) 316-4458



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