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By now, everyone must have heard of the sushi bake. This quarantine food trend is a deconstructed sushi that’s typically made with a layer of fluffy Japanese rice, creamy mixture of shredded fish or crab sticks and Japanese mayonnaise, and then topped with ebiko or masago. Once it’s baked, you get a spoonful of it (with all the layers!) and place onto a nori sheet. 

But, much like the ube cheese trend, it didn’t take long for this food trend to evolve into different versions. Home cooks started tweaking the rice, the meaty filling, the toppings, and even the wrap that comes with the sushi bake. 

So, if you want to switch things up, here are the different versions of sushi bake you should try:

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Nacho Bake by The Belly Pot

The Belly Pot’s Nacho Bake is made with beefy chili con carne topped with three kinds of melted cheese. This is served with nacho chips and The Belly Pot’s homemade fresh salsa.

The Nacho Bake comes in three different sizes: fun size (P350/serves 2-3 people), small (P450/serves 3-4 people), and medium (P650/serves 5-7 people). To place an order, message The Belly Pot on Instagram.

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Bibimbake by MeatSumo Premium

The Bibimbake is a bibimbap version of the sushi bake. Instead of Japanese rice, it uses kimchi rice, topped with bulgogi beef, special bibimbap sauce, topped with cheese. This is served with lettuce in place of nori.

Meatsumo Panay’s Bibimbake costs P550 per tray.

To place an order, fill up this form.

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Shawarma Bake by Flavor Fusion Catering

Deconstructed shawarma, anyone? Flavor Fusion Catering’s Shawarma Bake is made with minced beef, cucumber, tomatoes, and onions. This is served with pita bread and a homemade yogurt tahini-garlic spicy sauce. 

The Shawarma Bake costs P339 for an 8×4-inch tray that’s good enough for 2-4 people, while P1,179 can get you the large tray that serves 12-16 people.

To place an order, send a message to Flavor Fusion Catering on Instagram or through their Viber number (0915) 481-7382.

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SPAM Bake by We Boxed It!

The SPAM Bake doesn’t differ from the common sushi bake but it replaces the fish or crab sticks with caramelized cubes of the well-loved SPAM. The SPAM Bake is assembled with a layer of rice, Japanese mayonnaise, caramelized SPAM, furikake, melted cheese on top, and it comes with nori sheets on the side. 

The SPAM Bake costs P500 for a small tray good for 2-3 people, the medium pan costs P700 and is good for 4-6 people, while the large pan costs P900 and is good for 7-10 people. For an additional P50, it can be assembled with kimchi rice instead of regular rice. 

To place an order, message We Boxed It on Instagram.


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Sisig Rice Bake by Pino Restaurant

For a more Filipino take on the sushi bake, Pino Restaurant’s Sisig Rice Bake is made with rice topped with crispy bagnet chicharon and maskara, egg, cheese, aioli, chili, and chives.

Sisig Rice Bake costs P595 for a tray good for 3-4 people.

To place an order, send a message to (0915) 230-1649 or (02) 7255-6872.

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Cheesy Baked Longganisa Sushi Bake from Mia & Co.’s

Another Filipinized version of the sushi bake is Mia & Co Speciality Food’s Cheesy Baked Longganisa Sushi Bake. This is made with rice, aioli, longganisa, and a thick, silky creamy cheese on top. This is served with a pack of nori sheets.


The Cheesy Baked Longganisa costs P600 for a 4.5×8-inch tray that’s good for 2-3 people.

To place an order, you can send a message to Mia and Co on Instagram.

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Samgyup Bake by Batche Bakes

If samgyeopsal is more your thing than bibimbap, this Samgyup Bake is for you. This is made with a bed of fluffy rice, topped with grilled bulgogi beef, pork strips, and baked in a layer of melted cheese. This is served with packs of nori sheets.

Samgyup Bake costs P400 for a tray good for three people, but you may choose to replace plain rice with kimchi rice (costs P500).

To place an order, message Batche Bakes on Facebook or Instagram.




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