Step Inside Dimas-alang Bakery: It's Been Around Since 1919!

The dedicated staff at Dimas-alang Bakery continues a century-old tradition of crafting quality, traditional breads.

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The workspace at the bakery has a distinct rhythm to it. In the wee hours of the morning, this little space churns out trays upon trays of traditional Filipino breads and pastries, ready for the morning's onslaught of orders. Bakers shape buns and rolls to a seemingly effortless natural beat, forming rows of small uniform balls of dough with their skilled hands, each bun landing on the work surface in time to a constant, quiet thump, thump, thump. Even the way the trays of risen dough and burnished bread enter and exit the massive wood-burning oven has its own cadence, adding to the hum of life and movement in the space.


Operating since 1919, it should come as no surprise that Dimas-alang Bakery moves so seamlessly. The building itself is simple and unassuming, a traditional neighborhood store set in the exact same location when the business started in 1919. As the city around it grew, with fields giving way to subdivisions, the shop just kept turning out warm pan de sal and soft, bonnet-shaped bonete for their neighbors.




According to proprietor Manolo Lozada, the third generation owner who inherited the bakery in 1980 from his mother, their main goal has always been to produce good bread for their neighborhood. "There was never any real effort to promote it as a big enterprise dahil hindi kami big businessmen," he says. "Our family works mostly in art. 'Yung kapatid ko, violinist. My mother was a pianist. Ang uncle ko, piyanista, bandleader, and flutist. Ako naman, painter."


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While baking wasn't exactly the family's primary vocation, their love for bread never waivered. Manolo himself gets up every day to attend to the store's needs, and he passionately abides by their longstanding tradition of quality. "Alas-dos pa lang, nagsisimula na kami para bagong-bago 'yung tinapay," he says. "Ang aming policy ay dapat parating fresh ang tinitinda namin kasi 'yun ang sinusuportahan ng mga clients namin. We believe that our bread should head straight from our oven to your table. Ganoon na siya dati pa. 'Yung customers namin, naka-bagong kotse na pero 'yung produkto namin, pareho pa rin."


Even after a century of change, it is this quiet dedication and love for the craft that keeps Dimas-alang Bakery's unique rhythm going strong.



Dimas-alang Bakery is at 52 Mabini Street, Pasig City (Tel. nos.: 641-0408 and 463-5645).


The feature appeared in the October 2015 issue of Yummy magazine. Minor edits have been made by the editors.

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