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The restaurant is named in honor of the owner's grandmother, a farmer's daughter.
Photo by San Miguel

A drive to the outskirts of Baguio—in this case, in Pinsao proper—can be a rewarding and delicious one. Located near the Tan-Awan Village is The Farmer’s Daughter, a rustic and homey restaurant serving authentic Ibaloy cuisine. The nipa hut, with its thick thatched roof, is made mostly with wood. You can find Cordilleran art and woodwork inside and on the tables, they serve dishes that allow visitors to take a peek into the culture and life of the Ibaloy, an indigenous ethnic group from the northern Philippines.


Here are some of the Ibaloy dishes you should know about:

Kinuday jen Baboy is stir-fried and smoked pork.
Photo by San Miguel
Smoked, steamed, and stir-fried—this dish is super flavorful.
Photo by San Miguel

Kinuday (smoked meat)

“Kinuday” means “smoked” and in Cordilleran homes, the meat is usually smoked above a traditional cooking fireplace for weeks, sometimes even months. You can have kinuday jen baboy (smoked pork) or kinuday jen baha (smoked beef meat) which are both smoked, steamed, then stir-fried—resulting in layers of meaty satisfying flavors.

Their version of Pinikpikan is served with etag (smoked meat), giving robust and salty flavors to the soup.
Photo by Trixie Zabal-Mendoza



This chicken soup may be likened to tinola but what makes it distinct is that it is prepared the way Cordillerans do: the live chicken is beaten with a stick prior to cooking. This practice is believed to bring out more depth of flavors in the chicken meat, making the soup extra flavorful and savory. The Pinikpikan in Farmer’s Daughter is served in a coconut shell and their version is served with etag (smoked meat), giving robust and salty flavors to the soup.

Dinakdakan is a crisp and creamy dish made with pig parts and pig brains.
Photo by San Miguel



This is a dish that’s popular in the northern region: chopped pieces of a pig’s face mixed in with pig brains make for a crisp and creamy dish. Green chilies add a nice crunch and bite to the dinakdakan, too—make sure to pair with spoonfuls of steamed rice.


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The Farmer’s Daughter is located on Tam-awan, Longlong Road, Baguio City.


You can now reach Baguio via TPLEx (the Tarlac–Pangasinan–La Union Expressway) which cuts travel time to Baguio and allows visitors to discover the other communities on this northern route.


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