Meet The Bento Cakes: A Smaller Version Of The Trendy Minimalist Cakes

Sometimes, bigger is not always better.

IMAGE Facebook/Dodin Desserts

Have you seen the trendy minimalist cakes on your feed? As pretty and incredibly tempting as these cakes are, sometimes it's not the most practical decision to order a normal-sized minimalist cake, especially if there are only one or three people eating it or perhaps, you don't have enough refrigerator space to begin with. Thankfully, Dodin Desserts offers a solution. Meet the bento minimalist cake!

Photo by Facebook/Dodin Desserts

These bento cakes are simply a smaller version of the regular-sized minimalist cakes. You can still customize the design of these mini cakes to your liking. You can request a cake design inspired by your favorite fictional or non-fictional characters, or you can even add a short sweet and funny message to add an even more personal touch. 

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Photo by Facebook/Dodin Desserts

Given the current quarantine situation, these bento cakes can come in handy if you want to order it for a family member or a friend. It's a cute personalized gift that anyone is sure to appreciate, plus, if you're on a tight budget, this won't cost as much as ordering a regular-sized cake. 

To place an order, you can message Dodin Desserts on Facebook.



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