Pinoy Sisig + Japanese Okonomiyaki Come Together In One Dish

It's only available for a limited time!

When it comes to food, some people are stubbornly purist, but adventurous eaters don't mind a little creative fusion between cuisines. After all, if sisig and okonomiyaki are good separately, couldn't they also possibly be great together? We're thinking this was the thought process behind okonomiyaki chain Dohtonbori's new Filipino Okonomiyaki, available until September 17.

From left to right: Bicol Express, Kare Kare, and Sisig
PHOTO BY Dohtonbori

Dohtobori takes three classic Pinoy dishes-kare kare, sisig, and Bicol express-and turns them into savory Japanese pancakes. The Kare Kare Okonomiyaki (P385) is okonomiyaki stuffed with beef, eggplant, and string beans, then slathered with a rich peanut sauce. The Bicol Express Okonomiyaki (P385) meanwhile is a spicy-sour explosion with okonomiyaki stuffed with pork and chili cooked in coconut milk.

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The Sisig Okonomiyaki (P385) already sounds like a crowd-pleaser-crunchy pork chunks give textural contrast to the silky smooth okonomiyaki, and chili and mayonnaise add an extra oomph of flavor. Whatever your opinion on fusion dishes, these are worth a try.

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