Domino's Is Launching A New Pizza And Here's Why You Should Be Excited

One of the food that are just too difficult to say "no" to is a good ol' pizza. If you want to order a flavor that's different from your usual order of Pepperoni, Hawaiian (yes, Team Pineapples on Pizza!), or that famous Spinach Dip Pizza, Domino's Pizza launched a new pizza: Grilled Chicken Taco Pizza.

Photo by Bea Faicol

If you love the flavor of Mexican food, this pizza is just right for you. It's topped with a layer of melted cheese, onion, bell pepper, large bits of chicken, and you get a strong taco taste in every bite. This is best when it's still hot, so it's better to eat it once it's delivered or make sure to reheat it using your toaster or microwave.

Domino's has bite-sized chicken and potato wedges!
Photo by Bea Faicol
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When you order Domino's Grilled Chicken Taco Pizza, you have a choice regarding the crust: choose a thick crust or a thin crust. Don't forget to order your favorite sides and drinks while you're at it, too!

As of writing, it's not yet available on the website. So if you want to be alerted when it is, it's best to follow Domino's Pizza on Facebook for more updates!


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