Dream Kitchens: 5 Cooking Spaces to Inspire You

We take a peek at spaces meant for prepping and sharing meals with loved ones.


Thinking of remodeling or just looking for inspiration to prettify your kitchen space? We take a peek at some family kitchens with personalized details to inspire your own cooking corner:

Interior designer Wilmer Lopez of WLopez Designs transformed this 1960s-style bungalow into a stylish vacation home.

The same Scandinavian-style color theme is employed in the kitchen, from the white tiles and bar counter to the bleached wood cabinets and bar stools. The kitchen overhead cabinet doors open upwards, and the translucent glass makes it easier to see what’s inside. A Fernando Zobel piece is displayed atop the cabinets.


For their three-storey space, long-time friends Andoy Ranay and Peter Serrano decided on a black and white palette inspired by French interiors.

Andoy convinced Peter to cover the black kitchen cabinet doors with wallpaper that has a line-drawn wine bottle pattern. The subtle but interesting print is a personalized touch in the compact but well-used kitchen. The space also serves as a breakfast nook complete with a four-seater dining set from Peter's old condo unit. The table and stools have been painted black to match the rest of the space.


In this family home, discarded construction materials and parts of a demolished 200-year-old Iloilo house were used to create a rustic feel.

To emphasize the country feel, rich brown and bright blue are used in the kitchen. The wooden elements are paired with resin countertops.


The home of newly-proclaimed National Artist for Dance Alice Reyes is set apart by the refreshing color scheme, precious vintage furniture and accessories and interesting details.

Whitewashed cupboards and cabinets create a cozy and welcoming feel in the kitchen. For pops of color, Alice chose pale green paint.


In this contemporary space designed by architect Jouie Rumpal Tumanda, the clean lines, white walls, and clear floor-to-ceiling windows emphasize the beauty of the pieces made from natural materials. The earthy colors and rich textures of the wooden elements lend warmth to the space.

The kitchen is completed with custom-made pieces like the distressed wood-framed cabinets with frosted glass and metal chairs. To fit the theme of the house, the wood used for the cabinets has an antique look. Warm mood lighting under the cabinets and a row of small droplights above the kitchen island illuminate the area.

For more kitchen inspiration, check out www.realliving.com.ph

Photos courtesy of Real Living

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