Woah, Dunkin’s Nostalgic Kreme-Filled Donuts Are Available Again!

Which one is your favorite: chocolate, strawberry, or ube?

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Besides Dunkin's Choco Butternut and Bavarian-filled donuts, Dunkin's Kreme-Filled donuts are also one of the classic flavors most Pinoys remember from their childhood. For some, it could be their after-school treat, go-to option for food-to-share, or for weekend merienda at home. If you are a big fan of these Dunkin' donuts, you'd know that these haven't been available in stores for quite some time now, but at long last, Dunkin is finally bringing the Choco Kreme-Filled, Strawberry Kreme-Filled, and Ube Kreme-Filled Donuts back on the menu.

The original look of these donuts has that signature, uber-vibrant Kreme filling piped inside the donut and with a little swirl on the top. For those who particularly love the donut's melt-in-the-mouth filling, you'll even have more of the Kreme filling because Dunkin decided to add more of it on top of each donut.


These donuts only cost P35 each, so it's not a steep price to pay if you want to try all three flavors all at once! Just don't forget to add an order of Dunkin's hot brewed coffee or iced coffee while you're at it. You can never go wrong with a coffee and donut pairing.

Dunkin's Choco Kreme-Filled Donuts, Strawberry Kreme-Filled Donuts, and Ube Kreme-Filled Donuts are now available in stores. 



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