You Love Dunkin' Coffee, But Do You Know They Have Other Coffee Options, Too?

These are available at two of Dunkin's drive-thru branches.

IMAGE Facebook/Dunkin

Dunkin's Brewed Coffee and Iced Coffee are popular among coffee drinkers who are looking for a good brew that won't break the bank but did you know there are more coffee options on Dunkin's menu? Just in case you didn't know, Dunkin' also has these espresso-based beverages: Iced Latté, Latté, and Cappuccino!

For those who love their coffee sweet and milky, Dunkin's Iced Latté is a milker version of their Iced Coffee, but if you love how a cup of warm coffee wakes you up, the Cappuccino or the Latté are better options worth considering. Don't know which to pick between the two? Just keep in mind that lattés have more milk than a cappuccino.

Dunkin's Iced Latté, Latté, and Cappuccino are available at two drive-thru Dunkin' locations: Petro E. Rodriguez, Tomas Morato and Visayas Avenue, Quezon City.


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