Halloween Desserts to Make ASAP!

Halloween is not an important occasion for some, but it is undoubtedly one of the more fun times of the year, especially if you have kids or if you're young at heart. For those of us who celebrate this scary yet fun day, Halloween treats are always on the menu since they are essential in greeting the monsters, witches, characters, and other costumed people, big and small. 

Are you hoping to invite some of them over and want to prepare something special when they do? 

Here are recipes for Halloween treats that will definitely make trick-or-treaters eager to visit your home: 

1 Witch's Brooms Recipe 

recipe for halloween treats witch's brooms
These adorable treats make perfect accessories for little witches!
Photo by

These witch's brooms are easy to make! All you need are cupcakes to decorate and frosting to do the decorating with! Once done, you'll be delighted to offer these adorable little brooms to would-be witches who drop by to visit! 

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2 Spooky Cookie Sandwich Recipe 

chocolate cookies made with cocoa powder with orange vanilla filling
These sandwich cookies take on the colors of Halloween!
Photo by David Hanson | Prop Styling by Becky Kho
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We know these cookies look more delicious than spooky, but who would not think that bright orange filling between dark chocolate cookies as a creepy color befitting Halloween? 

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3 Caramel Apples Recipe 

caramel and candy coated apples on a stick
Sticky caramel helps candies stick to these apples.
Photo by Kai Huang | Styling by Elaine P. Lim

When you think of apples for Halloween, you might think of a witch persuading you to take a bite of one coated in something deadly. Thankfully, these are deliciously (and safely!) coated in caramel. In fact, these are double-coated in not just caramel but also melted chocolate, candy bits,  nuts, marshmallows, or other sweet treats as you desire! 

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4 Flower Pot Chocolate Mousse and Cookies Crumbs Recipe 

chocolate mousse pots with gummy worms and candy flowers
These "flower pots" are chocolate mousse covered with cookie crumbs, gummy worms, and candy flowers.
Photo by

You can pull a fast one on any tricksters that drop by with these deceptive flower pots! Little do they know that these are actually filled with edible "mud" and "dirt" in the form of chocolate mousse and cookie crumbs! Even the flowers are edible and the creepy worms are gummies! 

5 Monster Cupcakes Recipe 

monster cupcake recipe
These adorable monsters are waiting to be presented at your Halloween party!
Photo by Patrick Martires | Styling by Paulynn Chang Afable

Not all monsters are scary! Some are just disguised to be scary like these delicious cupcakes! This recipe is easy to make and can be tweaked so you can use your favorite cupcake recipe instead. It's just a regular cupcake until you start decorating! How you use candy, frosting, and other edible sweets is totally up to you so you can make these monsters come alive! 

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6 Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe with Meringue Frosting Ghosts 

chocolate cupcakes with meringue frosting ghosts
The "ghosts" on top of these chocolate cupcakes are made with meringue frosting.
Photo by

You can't go wrong with chocolate cupcakes but when it's Halloween, it's doubly sure that anything chocolate will be a fan favorite! That's why you can make any chocolate cupcake more spooky topped with a "ghost". 

These adorable little specters are made from piping meringue frosting on top of each one. With some black food coloring or gel to create the little faces, each can now say "BOO!" before someone overcomes their fear and takes a bite out of them!  


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