Easy Kitchen Updates to Make Your Cooking Space Feel New

Make cooking easier and more efficient with a few tweaks.


The kitchen is almost always a hub of activity: it’s a space where your fave meals are cooked and often, it’s also a dining area for a lot of families. According to interior designer Peaches de Guzman-Grey, “Function should always be the number one consideration when designing your kitchen.”

How to create an efficient cooking space without doing a major overhaul? We have a few suggestions:

1. Repaint your kitchen cabinets.

A glossy paint finish helps avoid fingerprints, oil residue, and dust, says Peaches. You may also consider adding new drawer pulls and handles to give your storage space an updated look.

2. Add storage.

Additional storage space in the kitchen is always a welcome update: opt to install stainless steel cabinet baskets which help keep utensils and essentials organized. “You may also add shelves where you can store small appliances such as the microwave oven, toaster, and other items instead of putting them on the countertop,” Peaches says.

3. Consider getting a new countertop.

If there’s enough budget, consider changing your countertop. Look into using synthetic granite for a modern and sleek look; the material also helps limit bacterial growth.

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Photos by Miguel Nacianceno, Tammy David, and Vincent Coscolluela. Main image by Ocs Alvarez.

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