Eat Like an Olympian

This is what athletes eat to stay in the best shape possible!

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With the 2016 Rio Olympics just around the corner, we did a little digging into what the meals of the world's greatest athletes look like.


Most, if not all, Olympians follow a strict diet to help them get that gold medal they are competing for. Since their bodies need enough energy to get them through long hours of training and competition, athletes consume an insane amount of calories per day. They approach their diets as seriously as they approach their training habits-it among the core factors that contribute to their top-notch performances!




Different sports require different kinds of diets: here's a quick glimpse of a what Olympians eat to make sure they get that win. Are you with us? And while you're at it, remember to cheer for our very own Filipino athletes who are competing this year as well! 


1  Lean protein

Protein is the key component for building up muscle mass. How else will you outperform your competitors? Athletes whose sports rely mostly on strength and muscle mass load up on lean red meat, salmon, eggs, and Greek yogurt to get stronger everyday! 



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2  Complex carbs

Fuel, fuel, fuel! This is what athletes who play for long hours think of when it comes to feeding their bodies with the right food. Complex carbohydrates help with endurance in long-distance races and long-lasting games. Sweet potatoes, steel-cut oats, brown rice, quinoa, and lentils are popular choices. 

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3 Fresh fruits and veggies


These are for every athlete: nutrient-rich dark green leafy veggies and antioxidant-rich berries, among others, give you all the necessary basic nutrients to keep you going. 



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Apr 17, 2015


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