NEW Dessert Alert: This Vanilla Soft Serve + Egg Tart Combo Is Only P160

You can choose which egg tart you want to add to your soft serve!

IMAGE Darren Tagle

Are you a big fan of egg tarts? One of the best Metro Manila-based stores you can get your egg tart fix is Egg Tarts Manila. They have different flavors to choose from--apart from classic, there's ube, dulce de leche, hazelnut, matcha, macapuno, ube macapuno, and chocolate. Egg Tarts Manila often launches limited-edition flavors, too, and the most recent flavors are the Cookie Butter Egg Tart and Coffee Egg Tart.

While you'll definitely love the egg tart flavor of your choice, you can also add it to their new Tart Soft Serve.


Egg Tart Manila's Tart Soft Serve has three key ingredients: vanilla ice cream, buttery flakes made from the crust of the egg tarts, and topped with the egg tart of your choice. For P120, you can get the Tart Soft Serve that uses a mini classic egg tart and for P160, you can choose any egg tart you want in its regular size.

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Egg Tarts Manila's Tart Soft Serve is exclusively available at the Alabang Town Center branch every day. You can find their stall on the 2nd floor of the expansion wing, right across Shakey's and near the Food Court.


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